04 December 2010

Gira Pudding

i realise i have been extremely lazy with blogging...ar well.


01 November 2010

Heavy Rotation

haven't done a youtube/music post for a while, just wanna share some of my heavy rotation on youtube lately:

1. End of the World by YoYo Shum @Charathay

it's the first song ever that have made me cry

2. Derezzed by Daft Punk for Tron: Legacy

I. Cannot. Wait. to. See. TRON!

3. Excuse and Virgin by The Morning Benders

i think it would be one of the most beautiful thing to have all me and my band's best friends to record a song together, regardless how it'd turn out. actually just to have them sing together would be amazing

the room look so hot...

21 October 2010

Miss GinOy

ever since a kid, i have never been mad about any celebrities, singer or "stars". but of course as a man, there'd be a few woman that i consider as goddess and therefore take more notice (although no one thinks devon aoki is pretty...i still think she has something that no other celeb or model can compare).

but a while ago, i discovered someone call 歐陽靖 GinOy, and instantly i was madly addicted to her. at first i was curious about her actual identity/occupation, as her description floating on the internet says (rough translation):

daughter of an ex-Taiwan actress and high rank gangster (who is also a renown member of the RSPCA...), IQ estimate of 168 but she hasn't finished highschool, a model/actress although she was considered as obese until age 16, nominated for "best styling" of a movie that she styled even it's her first attempt when she was 20, won first prize at an international LOMO competition, loves to shoot film, a bass player, would be considered as an OTAKU in normal people's perspective, ranked top 20 in Taiwan for most Playstation 3 games finished with 100% completion (quite possibly no.1 female), covered in tattoo, released an Existentialism/ sci-fi novel without reading much novel in the past and finally she love beer.

after reading this interesting background, i bought a copy of her novel and read it. i wouldn't say it's the best sci-fi novel i've read, but it does have a very interesting concept that keeps your eyes focus on the book. And after going through every single post on her blog and pretty much every single bits of information that i can find about her on the internet, i can confirm that, for the first time in my life, i am hooked on to a celebrity.


oh did i mention that she has the type of face that i consider as really hot?

her blog is: http://ginoy.blog.shinobi.jp/

ps: seems like apart from Devon Aoki...all of my female crush (Sue Qi and Vivian Hsu) are Taiwanese....

15 October 2010


2 weekends ago i went down to sydney with a large group of people for a break from brisbane and Eason's concert. it was fun to travel in a large group all the time, but also very, very tiring...
and the weather was not ideal for travelling (the past 4 trips i've made all ended up having atleast a day of heavy rain...is it me?)

anyway, not much to say, but some photos of the trip!

started off the trip as beatles

ended up having a personalitey change at night 

saw this lovely backyard/garden at ksubi store, took a sneaky shot and got told by the staff "no shooting"

but i did spot a magpie

and some lovely flowers

for the first time in my life felt peer pressure as i sat on the bar bar chair on william st, behind me is mr.italian (forgot his name, been working at the same shop for over 50 yrs)

it's like putting myself in a 60's flick

stepped out into the 70's

how i felt most of the trip

 literally stuffed ourselves at 炭之家

 had a fight/kung fu show in front of maccas after kareoke with mr.lowie

wrapped out trip at the Opera house

lastly must thank the new friends made at Sydney: Dave, Gus and Polly, hope to see you guys soon!


i baked some cookie a few days ago for the first time ever.


reason? i'm tired from many hours of PS3 and my sis wants some homemade cookie, i always claim that i can make better cookie than her, even though i've never baked before.


how did they turn out?


If i am a cookie baked by me, i'd be proud to be such a....err... "cookie like" cookie. it's everything a cookie can ask for.

but it's WAAAAY too sweet, even for a sugar fiend like myself, ar well, it was nice afterall.

13 October 2010

My new essentials

Like my old post, i have always keep a list of my essential "things" that surrounds me, and since i've acquired a few that i know will stick along for a while i decided to do a little update.

for my wrists


a G-shock dw-6500 (i think...), a leather bangle and snakeskin bracelet, both from Lianca.
it must've been primary school since i last got myself a g-shock, and the reason for it is mainly because it's the perfect watch for cycling! and i have always want to keep both my wrists occupied so i just got these leathers to wrap them in. it's from one of my favourite shop in H.K, a bit expensive, but well worth it!

New Scent and Memory


I havent changed my cologne for 5 yrs, and this is the first time. the reason is simple, i ran out of the old one, and my friend who works at L'Occitane, who helped me to buy shaving gel got me this as well. Since it's free and smell relatively similar to my old one, i've decided to give it a shot. but Kenneth Cole is gonna be back once this is gone...

and on the left you can see my Lacie USB key. I've had too many occasion of losing my flash stick to god knows who and this time i have decided to keep this on my key chain and not letting anyone burrow it.

Fujian CCTV Lens


a cheap china made CCTV lens that i keep on my NEX-5 most of the time, it just gives such nice, warm colour and blurs out the background. for its price (roughly around 40AUD?) i don't think i have one bad thing to say about it!


I have always been fond of photography, not so much for the picture itself, but the idea of capturing the moment. thats why i have never push myself to go out and shoot, but rather take a picture when i have the chance.

I was once a member of the smallest club during highschool, the photography club for a semester, which consists of 4 members including myself. I learn how to use a manual focus rangefinder and develope my own black and white photos, which i have to say i have given it all back to my teacher. But i am sure thats where i have my obsession with films. It just give me so much texture and character compare to the perfect shots of digital camera. But due to lack of money and sources, i have been using the same camera for the past 4-5 years, the Lomo Lc-a+. the reason i chose it back in the day was because i couldnt find a Ricoh Gr1s and it seemed like the next best option, and surprisingly my sister got it for me for my birthday!

but my trusty lc-a has a new companion because it's too much effort to upload films and $$$ to develope them...


it's now skinned because the original leather is really plastic and falling off so i've been looking for substitute,
so! as the micro 3/4 trend is booming, i got myself a really nice looking new camera, the Sony NEX-5!


equipped with a NINJA camera strap for cycling purpose!

so hopefully from now on there will be more photo contributing to the blog!

26 September 2010

New Cinelli

Holy Smoke!

the new Cinelli and MASF bike is seriously amazing!!

i was never a fan of the old frames, for them being too "Pop" (not sure what word to use, just a conceptual feeling). but after seeing the photos of the 2011 frame, i think i need to seriously rethink about the bike i'm gonna get next yr!


look at this beautiful beast!


beautiful, beautiful aero, flat bullhorn bar with the new sound wave bar tape.


another shot of the sexy stem and bar

such a bike porn this baby is... sadly i think i am too poor to ecven think about a complete set up, maybe just the frame....

all photos courtesy of John Prolly from Prolly is not Probably

22 September 2010

Continous Rest

During my last week in H.K, i was left alone by myself cause my parents have went back to OZ, and i must say i can somewhat foresee my future life when i live by myself...

this is how my coffee table looks like everynight even though i clean it every morning...

during my last week, apart from catching up with my frds around town, i also had friends coming down from GZ and they stayed at my place for a bit. everynight, we would go out have dinner, some place to drink, supper and drink again at my house, this routine pretty much happened everynight until the night before i flew off.

and finally i have time to catch up with my brothers in HK

first off Mr. Alex, my best friend since age 4? his parents are actually my aunty and unkle's best friend and we've been partners in crime since we were dwarfs. we've went through the hip hop / skate era together while being chase by cops for graffiti, then when i drifted off to post punk he dived into hardcore and emo. he works at one of hk's toppest hair salon and got selected as one of two to work in Shanghai's new flagship store, good luck brother!

next up is Mr. Pac, who is also one of my oldest friend since his dad went to my mum's school or something. He is one of the most rebellious, but well mannered motherfucker i've ever seen. smoking pot and rolling it at school since 13, he is personal and future music producer as he has dedicated his life to music industry.


lastly it's Mr.....i dont really know his english name, according to facebook it's Stephen...but then you can never trust this guy. I've only known him for a few yrs, but being Pac's highschool friend, he fits the circle, one funny ass dude.

and there's me

and some extra photos of the few nights we spend at home...


and thats my last week in hk~

Back from my rest, but still resting

so, the story goes i've been graduated and took a supposedly 5 weeks holiday back to hk, and meanwhile go to Tai Wan for a short trip.

but that didn't happen, not only i stayed for 2 months, but i only went to macau and Ghoung Zhou for a week...sigh. and during all these time, i didn't have the urge just couldn't be fucked updating my blog because i am feeling super lazy 24/7. and now that i am back to brisabane for nearly a month, i am finally back on track.

and here's a super brief flash back of what i've done in the past 2 months, using a few photos.

I saw Jimi Hendrix's western cowboy shirt at Hardrock Casino in Macau, i was gazing over this thing for a good 15minute...having watched him playing at woodstock wearing this shirt over hundred times on facebook and seeing it in front of my eyes is truly amazing...
(speaking of jimi hendrix, i've been playing guitar for over 2 hrs everyday and Voodoo Child is my first Target!)


while i was in macau, i also went to my cousin's second daughter (do i call her my second-niece?) 's one month old celebration. she is adorable~ and thats me and her
i can never get a picture with her sister...

the always sleeping Prudence

Prudence that just farted

and thats my first part of Hong Kong trip, consists of purely macau haha

02 September 2010


yeh...blogging...i swear it'll be updated very soon...since i am finally back to australia...meaning i have ALOT of time on my hand!

30 July 2010


Last night i went to see the definition of Rock n Roll of our time, mr Saudi Hudson a.k.a Slash

let's just say...if i missed the concert...i think a big part of my life is gone. It was one of the most phenomenal concert and performers i've ever seen.

Me, Pac, Jackie Chan and Pui arrived at Asia Expo at around 6:20 and we thought we were too early. we first saw a bunch of non rock and goody goody looking teenagers, sitting around in circle, yet in a line doing random things. so we thought they must be there fore the dogs and cats toy show. wrong! they were actually the first group in line. Anyhow after a long wait in line, we managed to run through the rest of the crowd and scored ourselves a fairly front spot, i'd say about 4-5 ppl from the very front, and as we all know Slash likes to stay on the left side of the vocal, we ran to the right hand side of the stage.

Around 8:20, a local band call...something...opened up and let's just say...they made us want to see Slash alot more. they weren't bad, pretty solid playing, just...too old school and boring for our liking. Then after those old uncle finished (did i mention they are well into their 30s and 40s?), the stage crew began to pack up and we began to prepare ourselves with a little..*Puff*. it's a new thing call K2 which smells nothing like *Puff* and WOW! yup.

and finally, Slash, Myles Kennedy, and..the rest of the band (forgot their name but they are mean as fuck musicians!) jumped in through the opening of Ghost and the rest of the night is history in my book!


Apart from Slash, Myles is an amazing vocal, his pitch is spot on and he is funny, handsome, cool and in general a very great performer. I wouldn't compare him to Axl, but if he is to sing for Velvet Revolver i think it would be great match. (don't i sound gay?)

ps: there were these group of French that think they can fuck around in a concert just cause they are white. while i was being polite to the lady and wouldnt push them too much, they crossed the line when they want to push me away. So when slashed played Sweet Child o Mine, as the whole crowd went crazy, i did a huge hand - horizontal - flare type of spin, aiming my elbow at the frech guy, but sadly hit the lady, opps. she was pretty much knocked sideway but i didn't feel too guilty or bad. and i still dont lol

08 July 2010


i am not open enough to send my secrets to postsecrets, because i think people who post there really have no other ways to express their secrets. but i do feel relief to know that there is a place for people, if needed, to find a place to dump their deepest emotion, which is the biggest lie that they can never tell their friends and families.

although i won't post it to post secrets...this is my blog, i do want to dump something here.

thank you and message not know and i its also hide what i be the one still you any other man that love the most i will always there isn't one, we only have a lbecause, which i did not remember even if you say if you remember that you can't feel i tbelieve that i don't want yo you have always u can't deny  existence "love". , , . it for noticing, . i did  how to respond last together day ur anniversary whatever's there hurts, alot o, date, but cannot. i wonder think i can really want to more than who say so.  ,  , cause i don't  say. so i will say it here, been, and always will be, the one and i believe tha'ts what people i think of the most, call to remember,   night?  xxxxxxx....xxxx x

it's too much for me to put everything here, so i unjumbled them to create a tiny bit if privacy, if you can re-write it out, please tell me~

New Page

it's been  a while since i have last blogged, but i guess i have been kinda busy~
i have now located myself in my home town Hong Kong and spending a very long and relaxed holiday. meanwhile, i have met a few friends, lost some VERY precious thing and most importantly...


yeh, even a student like me have passed my 4.5 yrs of uni life.

i am more than happy now but for the first time in my life i have started to worry about my future

but for now, congratulation Quinton!

22 June 2010


I am now lying on my bed in a hotel on george st, sydney, waiting for
my cousin to wake up to do some touristy stuff. And this is the first
post using mail to blog, i think with this newly discovered feature,
my blog will be updated more frequently!

18 June 2010

Day off








"He Wears It" is the official name of this set of brilliant Star War characters in casual clothes, but i made a new title "Day Off" instead, i think it suits the theme more.

 I think Stormtrooper in Thom Browne and Scout Trooper in Viktor & Rolf captured the brand's style the most. but i like the Darth Vader in Band of Outsiders and Jango Fett in Commer Des Garcons the most.

pics by John Woo from www.behance.net

13 June 2010


looking back at some old photos, i realised how much things have changed in the past 4.x years.

here i am studying for my last exam at uq *fingers crossed*, i would never have thought this is how i am going to end my bachelor when i started my first day. i thought i would have changed into law and arts and on a steady road to become a lawyer, mean time have some crazy uni life and settle down for the last two years or so.


had half a year of crazy party, uni life, then i got bored and tired. slowly drifted away from the white community and gained a rather large group of asian friends. about this time, glad i went on msn in the morning one day and eventually formed "Sleeping Soda" with a few like minded. had some ups and down with the ladies, and lost some friends during the course as well.

confirmed for a fact that i am considered one of the weird one amongst my friends, but thats fine. afterall, what i have learnt from these 4 years or so of uni and adulthood is the fact that it didn't teach
me enough to tell me what i want to be, but taught me more than enough to shape me what i am now.

the point of this post?

nothing, looking at photos just triggered many things that have been long forgotten and after digesting it, i need a place to dump it down.

ps: to Agnes over at hong kong, i saw some photos of us when we first met a few years ago, can't believe you are still sleeping, it's been 4 months, i haven't seen you since my birthday. hurry up and wake up, we are all waiting!

07 June 2010


1. What is your middle name?Kwan Ting
2. How big is your bed?right now, a tiny single bed that is about 20 cm too short
3.What are you listening to right now?sound of the wind and cars from beudessert road
4. What are the last 4 digits in your cellphone number?4318
5. What was the last thing you ate?new flavour korean instant noodle~sooo good!
6. Last person you hugged?my cousin felicia when she came to Oz a week ago?
7. How is the weather right now?so fucking cold
8. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?Kanas
9. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?face..or legs?
10. Favorite type of Food?japanese~
11. Do you want children?max 2
12. Hair color?some kind of chestnust, but really it's black, with some grey decoration
13. Do you wear contacts?perfect eyesight suckers~
14. Favorite holiday?long weekends and summer holiday off course
15. Favorite Season?a proper autumn
16. Have you ever cried over a love lost?love lost as in girl friend or potential girl friend, no
17. Last Movie you watched?sex and the city 2...
18. What books are you reading?monocle June issue,
19. Piercings?really want a helix or conch
20. Favorite Movie?clockwork orange...or Chung Hing Express...i dont know
21. Favorite sports team/club?Manchester United!!
22. What were you doing before filling this out?reading the monocle
25. Favorite animal? panda
26. Favorite drink?
hot chocolate
27. Favorite alcohol?whiskey on rock
28. Have you ever loved someone?yes
29. Who would you like to see right now? carmen
30. What color are your bedroom walls?off white...?
31. Have you ever fired a gun?nope
32. Do you like to travel by plane?i like the experience of it, but not the actual flight
33. Right-handed or Left-handed?apparently left hand at birth
34. If you could go to any place right now where would you go?london
35. Are you missing someone?yes, quite a few
36. Do you have a tattoo?eventually
37. Do you still watch cartoons on Saturday mornings?there ain't none
38. Are you hiding something from someone right now?aren't we all?
39. Are you 18?few years ago yeah
40. What is the wallpaper on your cellphone?a photo i took at lone pine koala sanctuary
41. Are you afraid of the dark?
42. Favorite hangout?a few beer, decent food with some good friends at a park or backyard or whatever
43. 3 things you can't live without?books, internet, music
44. Favorite songs?Everything written/sang by Sleeping Soda
45. What are you afraid of?Paw Paw/papaya, cockroaches, foam box
46. Are you a giver or a taker?give
47. What are your nicknames?chocolate lobster, chocoloby, ton, ton ton, 肥龍,浮龍, big asian, q, qq dear, ton ton ma, tom yi, so-ee
48. What is your dad's middle name?wai kin
49. What do you sleep in?old "welcome to XXX" t-shirts, k mart pants
50. Stuck on a deserted island, and can only bring one thing?bear grylls
51. Favorite TV commercial?adidas originals
52. First thing you'll save in a fire?guitar or my pillow
53. What is your favorite color?if black is a shade, pink
54. What are the things you always bring with you?wallet, phone, watch, keys, change, right now a red string on my hand
55. What did you want to be when you were a kid?some kind of power rangers/ super japanese hero i guess
56. What do you usually do when the alarm turns on?turn it off
57. What color is your bedsheet?too dark to tell now
58. Who do you want to meet?dead...hitler or mao, alive...devon aoki <3
59. What do you think about before you go to bed?
according to psychology, my brain doesnt stop thinking, ever

under most circumstances, i would never do these kind of things. but at the start of exam period...allow me.

06 June 2010

You are not a friend of mine

you are not a friend of mine
cause you're way more than that
we've walked through the past
and we'll travel till the end
until the very end

you are not a friend of mine
you are one of a kind
forgive my lack of lines
but words cannot describer
how i need you in my life

whenever you're lonely
you can count on me
and rest upon my shoulder
whenever you need me
all you need is to call
and i'll be there
anywhere in the world

"and...to be continue"

05 June 2010

The Rivival

Last sunday i hit up the most genuine Fixed Gear Shop in Brisbane, if not Australia - GEAR and bought myself a copy of "The Rivival".

started by two fixed gear enthusiast Wayne Morhart and Tom Briggs from Vancouver, and collaborating riders from all over North America, they present the most in depth and beautiful fixed gear film.

The Revival - DVD Teaser from Corey MacGregor on Vimeo.

recruited riders such as the pioneer of the new Fixed Trick 700cmx scene - Tyler Johnson of ZLOG, Prolly of Prolly is not Probably, Tom Mosher, Torey Thornton of Wrawh and GRIMES and off course the most amazing dude on the Fixed Trick - Ed "Wonka" LaForte.

after watching it with my fixie partner Kelvin, we both ended with a fire burning inside us, wanting to jump on our bike and start thrashing on the streets and jumping over 7 stairs and on top of a water fountain. but sadly, when we cleared our mind, the fact that it's 12:30 am and probably only around 12 degree outside, we realised we can only jump over a can of coke and barely go up a hill. FML

ps: while i was at gear, i was deciding whether to get the rivival or the film by the GRIMES crew "Death Pedal 2". As the owner Erik can obviously tell by my face impression that i was having a hard time choosing which one to get, he kindly helped me by telling me that "they are both pretty good films about tricks on fixed". thanks for helping Erik. 

26 May 2010


me: hey...it's been a while.
her: yeh...how are you? you did cut your hair didn't you?
me: yeh, quite some time ago...wow, this is kinda weird isn't it?
her: indeed, you haven't changed much though, that's freaky! look at me...turning in to a granny haha.
me: as if, i am now as old as you were when i met you back then! you haven't changed much either, apart from adding a bit of colour to your clothes.
her: my wardrobe is not about weddings and funerals anymore! when was the last time i saw you?
me: when i dropped you off at the airport? it's nearly 4 years ago...time flies aye? now you've done your masters, moved out of melbourne and back, and i am starting mine in melbourne...when we actually last meet each other at the brisbane airport.
her: and that time i flew to melbourne for a short trip as well! i guess we are meant to meet here afterall?
me: i guess so, atleast there wouldn't be any awkwardness or chance of bumping into anyone, right?
her: for you maybe, but for me, it can happen anytime.
me: well, too late~why don't we find a place to sit?
her: you remember i said what i wanted to do with you the most when i saw you last?
me: yeah...you said you want me to take you to freestyle, just the two of us and chat for hours...too bad there isn't any in melbourne.
her: well, it's easier to find a substitute cafe than flying back to brisbane, we have four years to catch up........

when we do meet, maybe?

18 May 2010

Dating Ariane

This bitch is hard to get down with...


this is a virtual dating game that lets you pretty much do anything with her if you get the steps right.
I have tried to work it out by myself and obviously she is not liking my style of "Romance"


I went and seek help and ask the almighty google - how to date a virtual woman??

and i got lead to this site http://www.jokelibrary.net/people/d_files/ariane/1_start.html

however! even if i follow it step to step! i still can't FUCK THIS BITCH!!

ar well...one day...

she is much much harder than any real life women i've met...if i have to go to such extent AND not able to hit a home run...

16 May 2010

The rhythm of time

The Rhythm of Time

at first i thought i was well prepared
as hours and minutes were hired and paired
although my mind was weak and torn
all i could think about was sleep and yawn

but how wrong was i to think i'm fine
both hours and minutes left me behind
by now there isn't much time to go
because i was a fool to have let it roll

can someone......."suddenly interrupted by my sanity"

Quinton, shut the fuck up and get on with you 2500 word assignment DUE TMR AT 10:00AM!!!

what was i thinking...writing poems about not having time to finish my assignment, on my blog, when i really don't have much time left to do my assignment...what a nice way to end a marvelous Sunday...

11 May 2010


ok, if you don't know who Banksy is...it takes too much effort to explain, just simply put it this way: the most break through "Street Art" artist since...the last generation graffiti gurus such as Futura, Stash, Kaws etc who have made themselves famous through traditional graffiti.

i am not heavily involved with graffiti and i am hopeless at remembering names of artists (actually any name , streets, songs, bands etc) but i can recognise their work. but with Banksy, anyone can recognise it at once, because it's so different from everything else you see on the street. His works are mostly done in Black ink with a bit of colour as touch up, but the details are so defined and the message behind are always inspiring, which is what street art is all about: a media for us to reflect on the society. right?

and the basic background of the film goes like this:

As a personal introduction, Banksy’s penned a letter for the world premiere of his debut feature film at Sundance went a little something like this….. “Ladies and gentlemen, and publicists: Trying to make a movie which truly conveys the raw thrill and expressive power of art is very difficult. So we haven’t bothered. Instead, this is simply an everyday tale of life, longing, and mindless vandalism. Everything you are about to see is true, especially the bit where we all lie. Thanks for coming, please don’t give away the ending on Twitter. And please, don’t try copying any of this stuff at home, wait until you get to work.”
And so it goes that the artist, political commentator and social prankster known as Banksy makes his foray into cinema by doing exactly what he does best, warping reality into something much more fun! In this, ‘the world’s first street art disaster movie’, Banksy becomes the prize catch of Thierry Guetta, a French shop-keep turned videographer who becomes obsessed with finding and filming the elusive painter. Also featuring the likes of Shephard Fairey (Obey), Space Invader and a slew of street art luminaries, Exit Through the Gift Shop totally delivers – a funny, raucous (and cautionary) tale on art, ambition and the cult of celebrity.

and the reason for blogging? IT'S SHOWING IN BRISBANE!! for the first time i can relate myself to something like this in Brisbane, although i still haven't found a suitable partner to go watch with me, i am happy to go by myself!

Tribal Theatre

10 May 2010

Mini canon

this is me sitting in one of the computer labs that took me an hour to find an empty spot. been doing shit all for the past 2 hrs in stead of my 3000 word assignment due next week, (such an early start for me). and now i even find some time to blog...

anyway, all my engineer friends! build me one!!! (or an army, i'll supply all the ciggies you need during the process)

06 May 2010

Sitting in a melting pot

i haven't had any enthusiasm to do anything productive for a long time. overall since last year, my mind has been rather dull, so i tucked myself in to the world of novels and literature, until the resurrection of the then 3:43, now Sleeping Soda. That went great, i dropped my books down for a good 3 months or so, until Deena left which made me fell into this anti-creative phase from February till...now. I haven't write a proper tune since she left because i miss the connection i get when we have our little musical jam, and i haven't pick up a book either, apart from magazines.

so basically i am dreading the days to go on and not looking forward for anything interesting everyday, things are collapsing in every way yet i am not affected by it, in other word, my life is rather pointless now.

ps: for anyone who's looking for some kind of past time activity, i HIGHLY recommend Winterbells. this little rabbit sure makes me happy, i've been sitting in front of the screen for nearly 2 hrs playing that.

01 May 2010


John Mayer was fucking aweeeesome. period.

i can end there, because there really isn't much needs to elaborate on. i mean, being names one of the 3 modern days guitar god by the Rolling Stones magazine, thats shows how nuts he is on the 6 strings (the other two was John Frusciante and Derek Truck, now i've seen 2/3, i need to see Frusciante!!!). after seeing him live, i must say i don't practice near enough...

somethings i didn't understand though. why do you have to change guitar for every song? from a Strat to Tele is...somewhat acceptable, from a Strat to S.G or ES is also very acceptable...but...acoustic to acoustic? strat to strat? really??? but nonetheless, it's great to see all his guitars, the black relish, JM signature strat, 2 X JM Martin, Jimi Woodstock Strat, a TELE! s.g and an ES-334.

the only flaw...if only he played a Hendrix song...but his concert Crosstown was mind blowing!!!

22 April 2010

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I don't consider myself as a very single minded and traditional person, in fact, i would consider myself to be anything but that. but there are certain things that i don't like to change, if possible, ever.

1. Hair colour: excuse the grey hair as i am suffering from an early middle age syndrome, but i can only accept my hair being the darkest of brown to the lightest of black, nothing else.
2. perfume: i have been using the same scent since yr 12, which was nearly 7 yrs ago, and not that i have not thought about having an affair with another bottle, i plan to smell "black" for the rest of my life.
3. jewelry: i don't wear anything but a red string now, but it's on me for half a year, and once i get my ring from london, i won't be seen without it!

that's some simple things that i can think of now, and if i can stick to it i'd be very happy.

but things are starting to crack a little bit lately...like i was out looking for a new scent the other day! during different stage of my life, i have done some somewhat dramatic things when i am hitting a high point LOW in my life, eg cutting off my long hair, developed a hair pulling habit, biting inner lips habit, still figuring out why did i hang around and mess with certain people during certain time etc.

one of the things that i don't like changing also is emotions. finally i have accepted the fact that i am still having trouble adapting, and i think that's why i have been hitting rocks. title says it all

15 April 2010

Thoughts Collision

there was this woman, she...was madly in love with this man, and she knows that he knows and he feels just the same. however, years have passed by and things have remained the same, what is the same? were they...lover? yes. couple? hrmm...not quite. what is couple? do they go out together, for a movie, dinner, sit by the sea, the bench in the park for 4 hrs doing nothing but feels like nothing is more entertaining than the ripples and falling leaves? maybe dinner, but the rest of the above are too exposing, and...typical you might say, they were scared. Scared? of what? scared that once they admit that "they" are "together", "they" become "we" and it's not longer "me" and "you". is there something wrong with being "we"? no, but sometimes, life needs something to trigger a motion, and once the bullet is shot, it can't go back, it might save a life, but there is always another side to an outcome, one must be ready and brave enough to see through it. wait, wait, wait, who's gonna get hurt if they love each other? who knows, both? well...so they just let this goes on and on? the girl couldn't wait no more, she needs an answer, and...she left. and the guy? he realise there is something needs to be done so he calls her, and tried to track her down, but she never picks it up. does she knows? yeah of course, every time the man calls, she would stick a pink post it note on her window, and she counted it would take 100 calls to make a perfect, pixelated heart, and when it's done, she have decided she'll stay with him forever, if he says no, she'll make him say yes. so she waited for the man to call her 100 days? aha, the man is a hardworking one, he calls twice a day, so that makes it 50 days. thats not that long, time flies! you'd think so don't you, but the man has made a decision as well, he would call her for 50 day, first thing in the morning if she doesn't pick up, that's it. doesn't that only makes it 99 calls? yeh, indeed, so on the 50th day, after the 99th call, things between the two ended. thats such a shame...no? well...after some time, days, weeks, maybe months, i don't know, one day, the woman stared at the broken heart, and...the wind gently blew it apart. she just let them fall off the window? no, her love for the man isn't that shallow, to her surprised she rushed over and picked up all the pieces and quickly stuck it back on the window. sadly it still misses a piece. the woman look up at the reformed heart and...she saw cracks in places, some overlapped, some not, but...it's not broken, it's not missing a piece, it's not perfect thats for sure but...it's a heart. so? she thought, the man has tried non stop for 50 days, he has done his part, maybe their love isn't perfect, but atleast it was real, and what have she done to try to fix it? so she went back to the man? she went back to him, unexpectedly she walked into his shop, she finds her usual spot is reserved, with something that doesn't belong in a place like this, but...she knows exactly who's it for. so the man prepared them for her? everyday, since the 50th day, he wished for her return and saved the spot for her, prepared her favourite food even if they are not suppose to be seen in this place; he decided to wait  in silence, because he knows that she knows that he loves her just as much and she knows that he knows...she will one days return.

(saw a similar plot in a movie, wanted to make something up so i reworded the whole thing into something nowhere near as interesting as the original at all~ar well)

14 April 2010

Rank A hypebeast sneering at hypebeast wannabe

I am obviously not the Rank A hypebeast.

the story was: i went back to uni yesterday for my weekly 2 hr tute and i was running late, so i kinda skimmed past a GROUP of Rank "A" hypebeast wearing something so rare and expensive i can actually identify them separately at one glance. as i walk past them and continue my walk to my room, i heard some chuckle and a sentence in canto: "hahahaha...rolling up his pants but only wearing vans!"(translate into canto by all mean). as soon as i heard it i was like...ha? talking about me? i then realised yes but i didn't really give a fuck, why should i? (but i must say i was kinda pissed, not cut tho, not cut...why should i...)

So! the reason for rolled up pants in the past few years as a hyped up trend is due to the hyped of riding Fixed gear. obviously rolling the pants so it wont touch the cranks and shit. and the reason i was rolling it up because i was heading to GEAR BRISBANE after uni to have my wheels check, and...I DO RIDE FIXED GEAR! but those Rank A hypebeast who also roll up their pants just to imitate the trend and showing off their $6~700 sneakers do not understand the reason and concept, i must say i feel shameful to come from the same city as they do, get a brain! (one of them was even wearing a Visvim messenger bag, which is like a HUGGEEEEEE bag and he would look like a very successful messenger, if only he even knows what they are)

so enough of that, i really want this bag!
Mission Workshop Vandal backpack~

Grocery Run - Vandal Cargo Backpack from Mission Workshop on Vimeo.

but i think it's because of the digital camo and the way this beard guy hold up his beer at the end...

28 March 2010


My favourite colour is "Pink"
as a guy, i have always been questioned and judged for having pink belongings, mostly, from my own father. I have multiple pink shirts, pink bike grips, pedal toe cage and i am gonna paint my bike pink sooner or later, and the love of my life is a 23 yrs old pillow, which was a candy pink when she was young, but she has aged and turned kinda orangey. But as a guy it's always harder to have pink belongings such as wallet and phones and etc, so my pink collection rather small.

i forgot when did i first got hooked on by this beautiful colour, but i think it's this Zoo York cap that i bought in year 8 in general pants, i still remember it was $50 bucks, and for a yr 8, it was fucking expensive, but i had to have it!


this cap was purchased BEFORE Pharrell made trucker hat the hottest shit around and i was pretty much the only guy that i know has one, and the staff at GP told me it's the only one in Australia! It's out of shape and doesn't fit anymore, but i just can't let it go.

then after a few years, my love for pink moved onto Converse, another love of my life.


as you can see, it's been trashed pretty badly and i mainly just wear it for work/fishing/bike riding and similar activity, but i think i will get another pair eventually.

but i am not gonna let my shoe collection lack a pair of active pink shoe in rotation, so here comes a new member: Nike Cortez Fly Motion


i was gonna buy it when it first came out but back then i was kinda broke. second time i saw it it was in the nike outlet, but i have not seen it in the shop at all, so how did it get there? i have no clue. I didn't buy it either the second time because my aunty from canada was around and i didn't want to buy anything under that situation. and the third time, it's $90 with 30% off making it $65, what more can i say?

this is end of march and i have bought three pair of shoes already in 2010, i wonder how many all up this year?

my wording in this post is rather ridiculously screwed up, i think lack of sleep really is the enemy of intelligence.