22 September 2010

Continous Rest

During my last week in H.K, i was left alone by myself cause my parents have went back to OZ, and i must say i can somewhat foresee my future life when i live by myself...

this is how my coffee table looks like everynight even though i clean it every morning...

during my last week, apart from catching up with my frds around town, i also had friends coming down from GZ and they stayed at my place for a bit. everynight, we would go out have dinner, some place to drink, supper and drink again at my house, this routine pretty much happened everynight until the night before i flew off.

and finally i have time to catch up with my brothers in HK

first off Mr. Alex, my best friend since age 4? his parents are actually my aunty and unkle's best friend and we've been partners in crime since we were dwarfs. we've went through the hip hop / skate era together while being chase by cops for graffiti, then when i drifted off to post punk he dived into hardcore and emo. he works at one of hk's toppest hair salon and got selected as one of two to work in Shanghai's new flagship store, good luck brother!

next up is Mr. Pac, who is also one of my oldest friend since his dad went to my mum's school or something. He is one of the most rebellious, but well mannered motherfucker i've ever seen. smoking pot and rolling it at school since 13, he is personal and future music producer as he has dedicated his life to music industry.


lastly it's Mr.....i dont really know his english name, according to facebook it's Stephen...but then you can never trust this guy. I've only known him for a few yrs, but being Pac's highschool friend, he fits the circle, one funny ass dude.

and there's me

and some extra photos of the few nights we spend at home...


and thats my last week in hk~

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