21 October 2010

Miss GinOy

ever since a kid, i have never been mad about any celebrities, singer or "stars". but of course as a man, there'd be a few woman that i consider as goddess and therefore take more notice (although no one thinks devon aoki is pretty...i still think she has something that no other celeb or model can compare).

but a while ago, i discovered someone call 歐陽靖 GinOy, and instantly i was madly addicted to her. at first i was curious about her actual identity/occupation, as her description floating on the internet says (rough translation):

daughter of an ex-Taiwan actress and high rank gangster (who is also a renown member of the RSPCA...), IQ estimate of 168 but she hasn't finished highschool, a model/actress although she was considered as obese until age 16, nominated for "best styling" of a movie that she styled even it's her first attempt when she was 20, won first prize at an international LOMO competition, loves to shoot film, a bass player, would be considered as an OTAKU in normal people's perspective, ranked top 20 in Taiwan for most Playstation 3 games finished with 100% completion (quite possibly no.1 female), covered in tattoo, released an Existentialism/ sci-fi novel without reading much novel in the past and finally she love beer.

after reading this interesting background, i bought a copy of her novel and read it. i wouldn't say it's the best sci-fi novel i've read, but it does have a very interesting concept that keeps your eyes focus on the book. And after going through every single post on her blog and pretty much every single bits of information that i can find about her on the internet, i can confirm that, for the first time in my life, i am hooked on to a celebrity.


oh did i mention that she has the type of face that i consider as really hot?

her blog is: http://ginoy.blog.shinobi.jp/

ps: seems like apart from Devon Aoki...all of my female crush (Sue Qi and Vivian Hsu) are Taiwanese....

15 October 2010


2 weekends ago i went down to sydney with a large group of people for a break from brisbane and Eason's concert. it was fun to travel in a large group all the time, but also very, very tiring...
and the weather was not ideal for travelling (the past 4 trips i've made all ended up having atleast a day of heavy rain...is it me?)

anyway, not much to say, but some photos of the trip!

started off the trip as beatles

ended up having a personalitey change at night 

saw this lovely backyard/garden at ksubi store, took a sneaky shot and got told by the staff "no shooting"

but i did spot a magpie

and some lovely flowers

for the first time in my life felt peer pressure as i sat on the bar bar chair on william st, behind me is mr.italian (forgot his name, been working at the same shop for over 50 yrs)

it's like putting myself in a 60's flick

stepped out into the 70's

how i felt most of the trip

 literally stuffed ourselves at 炭之家

 had a fight/kung fu show in front of maccas after kareoke with mr.lowie

wrapped out trip at the Opera house

lastly must thank the new friends made at Sydney: Dave, Gus and Polly, hope to see you guys soon!


i baked some cookie a few days ago for the first time ever.


reason? i'm tired from many hours of PS3 and my sis wants some homemade cookie, i always claim that i can make better cookie than her, even though i've never baked before.


how did they turn out?


If i am a cookie baked by me, i'd be proud to be such a....err... "cookie like" cookie. it's everything a cookie can ask for.

but it's WAAAAY too sweet, even for a sugar fiend like myself, ar well, it was nice afterall.

13 October 2010

My new essentials

Like my old post, i have always keep a list of my essential "things" that surrounds me, and since i've acquired a few that i know will stick along for a while i decided to do a little update.

for my wrists


a G-shock dw-6500 (i think...), a leather bangle and snakeskin bracelet, both from Lianca.
it must've been primary school since i last got myself a g-shock, and the reason for it is mainly because it's the perfect watch for cycling! and i have always want to keep both my wrists occupied so i just got these leathers to wrap them in. it's from one of my favourite shop in H.K, a bit expensive, but well worth it!

New Scent and Memory


I havent changed my cologne for 5 yrs, and this is the first time. the reason is simple, i ran out of the old one, and my friend who works at L'Occitane, who helped me to buy shaving gel got me this as well. Since it's free and smell relatively similar to my old one, i've decided to give it a shot. but Kenneth Cole is gonna be back once this is gone...

and on the left you can see my Lacie USB key. I've had too many occasion of losing my flash stick to god knows who and this time i have decided to keep this on my key chain and not letting anyone burrow it.

Fujian CCTV Lens


a cheap china made CCTV lens that i keep on my NEX-5 most of the time, it just gives such nice, warm colour and blurs out the background. for its price (roughly around 40AUD?) i don't think i have one bad thing to say about it!


I have always been fond of photography, not so much for the picture itself, but the idea of capturing the moment. thats why i have never push myself to go out and shoot, but rather take a picture when i have the chance.

I was once a member of the smallest club during highschool, the photography club for a semester, which consists of 4 members including myself. I learn how to use a manual focus rangefinder and develope my own black and white photos, which i have to say i have given it all back to my teacher. But i am sure thats where i have my obsession with films. It just give me so much texture and character compare to the perfect shots of digital camera. But due to lack of money and sources, i have been using the same camera for the past 4-5 years, the Lomo Lc-a+. the reason i chose it back in the day was because i couldnt find a Ricoh Gr1s and it seemed like the next best option, and surprisingly my sister got it for me for my birthday!

but my trusty lc-a has a new companion because it's too much effort to upload films and $$$ to develope them...


it's now skinned because the original leather is really plastic and falling off so i've been looking for substitute,
so! as the micro 3/4 trend is booming, i got myself a really nice looking new camera, the Sony NEX-5!


equipped with a NINJA camera strap for cycling purpose!

so hopefully from now on there will be more photo contributing to the blog!