26 May 2010


me: hey...it's been a while.
her: yeh...how are you? you did cut your hair didn't you?
me: yeh, quite some time ago...wow, this is kinda weird isn't it?
her: indeed, you haven't changed much though, that's freaky! look at me...turning in to a granny haha.
me: as if, i am now as old as you were when i met you back then! you haven't changed much either, apart from adding a bit of colour to your clothes.
her: my wardrobe is not about weddings and funerals anymore! when was the last time i saw you?
me: when i dropped you off at the airport? it's nearly 4 years ago...time flies aye? now you've done your masters, moved out of melbourne and back, and i am starting mine in melbourne...when we actually last meet each other at the brisbane airport.
her: and that time i flew to melbourne for a short trip as well! i guess we are meant to meet here afterall?
me: i guess so, atleast there wouldn't be any awkwardness or chance of bumping into anyone, right?
her: for you maybe, but for me, it can happen anytime.
me: well, too late~why don't we find a place to sit?
her: you remember i said what i wanted to do with you the most when i saw you last?
me: yeah...you said you want me to take you to freestyle, just the two of us and chat for hours...too bad there isn't any in melbourne.
her: well, it's easier to find a substitute cafe than flying back to brisbane, we have four years to catch up........

when we do meet, maybe?

18 May 2010

Dating Ariane

This bitch is hard to get down with...


this is a virtual dating game that lets you pretty much do anything with her if you get the steps right.
I have tried to work it out by myself and obviously she is not liking my style of "Romance"


I went and seek help and ask the almighty google - how to date a virtual woman??

and i got lead to this site http://www.jokelibrary.net/people/d_files/ariane/1_start.html

however! even if i follow it step to step! i still can't FUCK THIS BITCH!!

ar well...one day...

she is much much harder than any real life women i've met...if i have to go to such extent AND not able to hit a home run...

16 May 2010

The rhythm of time

The Rhythm of Time

at first i thought i was well prepared
as hours and minutes were hired and paired
although my mind was weak and torn
all i could think about was sleep and yawn

but how wrong was i to think i'm fine
both hours and minutes left me behind
by now there isn't much time to go
because i was a fool to have let it roll

can someone......."suddenly interrupted by my sanity"

Quinton, shut the fuck up and get on with you 2500 word assignment DUE TMR AT 10:00AM!!!

what was i thinking...writing poems about not having time to finish my assignment, on my blog, when i really don't have much time left to do my assignment...what a nice way to end a marvelous Sunday...

11 May 2010


ok, if you don't know who Banksy is...it takes too much effort to explain, just simply put it this way: the most break through "Street Art" artist since...the last generation graffiti gurus such as Futura, Stash, Kaws etc who have made themselves famous through traditional graffiti.

i am not heavily involved with graffiti and i am hopeless at remembering names of artists (actually any name , streets, songs, bands etc) but i can recognise their work. but with Banksy, anyone can recognise it at once, because it's so different from everything else you see on the street. His works are mostly done in Black ink with a bit of colour as touch up, but the details are so defined and the message behind are always inspiring, which is what street art is all about: a media for us to reflect on the society. right?

and the basic background of the film goes like this:

As a personal introduction, Banksy’s penned a letter for the world premiere of his debut feature film at Sundance went a little something like this….. “Ladies and gentlemen, and publicists: Trying to make a movie which truly conveys the raw thrill and expressive power of art is very difficult. So we haven’t bothered. Instead, this is simply an everyday tale of life, longing, and mindless vandalism. Everything you are about to see is true, especially the bit where we all lie. Thanks for coming, please don’t give away the ending on Twitter. And please, don’t try copying any of this stuff at home, wait until you get to work.”
And so it goes that the artist, political commentator and social prankster known as Banksy makes his foray into cinema by doing exactly what he does best, warping reality into something much more fun! In this, ‘the world’s first street art disaster movie’, Banksy becomes the prize catch of Thierry Guetta, a French shop-keep turned videographer who becomes obsessed with finding and filming the elusive painter. Also featuring the likes of Shephard Fairey (Obey), Space Invader and a slew of street art luminaries, Exit Through the Gift Shop totally delivers – a funny, raucous (and cautionary) tale on art, ambition and the cult of celebrity.

and the reason for blogging? IT'S SHOWING IN BRISBANE!! for the first time i can relate myself to something like this in Brisbane, although i still haven't found a suitable partner to go watch with me, i am happy to go by myself!

Tribal Theatre

10 May 2010

Mini canon

this is me sitting in one of the computer labs that took me an hour to find an empty spot. been doing shit all for the past 2 hrs in stead of my 3000 word assignment due next week, (such an early start for me). and now i even find some time to blog...

anyway, all my engineer friends! build me one!!! (or an army, i'll supply all the ciggies you need during the process)

06 May 2010

Sitting in a melting pot

i haven't had any enthusiasm to do anything productive for a long time. overall since last year, my mind has been rather dull, so i tucked myself in to the world of novels and literature, until the resurrection of the then 3:43, now Sleeping Soda. That went great, i dropped my books down for a good 3 months or so, until Deena left which made me fell into this anti-creative phase from February till...now. I haven't write a proper tune since she left because i miss the connection i get when we have our little musical jam, and i haven't pick up a book either, apart from magazines.

so basically i am dreading the days to go on and not looking forward for anything interesting everyday, things are collapsing in every way yet i am not affected by it, in other word, my life is rather pointless now.

ps: for anyone who's looking for some kind of past time activity, i HIGHLY recommend Winterbells. this little rabbit sure makes me happy, i've been sitting in front of the screen for nearly 2 hrs playing that.

01 May 2010


John Mayer was fucking aweeeesome. period.

i can end there, because there really isn't much needs to elaborate on. i mean, being names one of the 3 modern days guitar god by the Rolling Stones magazine, thats shows how nuts he is on the 6 strings (the other two was John Frusciante and Derek Truck, now i've seen 2/3, i need to see Frusciante!!!). after seeing him live, i must say i don't practice near enough...

somethings i didn't understand though. why do you have to change guitar for every song? from a Strat to Tele is...somewhat acceptable, from a Strat to S.G or ES is also very acceptable...but...acoustic to acoustic? strat to strat? really??? but nonetheless, it's great to see all his guitars, the black relish, JM signature strat, 2 X JM Martin, Jimi Woodstock Strat, a TELE! s.g and an ES-334.

the only flaw...if only he played a Hendrix song...but his concert Crosstown was mind blowing!!!