28 February 2010


I started learning piano yesterday and after the first lesson, my pride and tiny bit of confidence in music was totally demolished. I understand how you start from the bottom for everything, but learning jingle bell and quavers, minums and things like that just makes me depress. But I still sat through the "hard" work and did my practice + my theory homework. I wonder when can i play Fur Elise?

24 February 2010


It ain't much of a birthday without presents. Last year, there was only one thing that stood out from the rest, but this year, each of them means alot to me.

1. a gold lotto mega quick pick from my brother/cousin Jerry. As much of a stingy bastard he is, he bought me a MEGA quick pick, i was very surprised. I didn't win shit, but that's probably better. how am i gonna split 4mill??

2. The musician's note book: Guitar from my sister. This book probably cost less than $10, but just looking at this thing, i feel like there are many many songs coming along!

3. Kidrobot Munny t-shirt from melboure from my dearest pretty green. she's been down there for 2 days and having her head stuck between moving, settling and shopping, but still spare some time to get me a t-shirt + a little note. i wonder if the munny i gave her is down at melbourne too?

4. Apple Magic mouse from my extended-extended family consists of Kelvin, Matthew, Jacky and i believe sophie, and lowie. I have been eyeing this mouse for a while and they obviously they realised it. thanks guys!

5. not really a birthday present, but stilla gift none the less. What is it? i havn't got it yet but i am super uber stoked to receive it!!! once i get it in my hand, i will be the happiest man on earth! (hint: it's white, it's second hand and it's...gonna be called "Lady", i think.)

6. how can i forget, i also received an awesome night from my brothers Ondy + Agney Fishy, Chuckie, JIMSEEEE who sacrificed his car and...heheheh and Vincent. What jim, chuck and vin got me is....unforgettable...nice though i must say hahahaahahha

it was a very satisfying 22nd with some of my best friends. And thank you for all the wishes!

19 February 2010


Today, 19th/Feb/2010 is my 22nd birthday.
I honestly have no ups or down about it and there is absolutely no celebration planned. I stepped into my 22nd, playing bomber man with Kelvin and Sofie and it just feels as natural as any other night. However, when i got home, i did prepared a glass of Jack Daniels and "Fight Club" to entertain myself, and to toast my fucked up 21st which taught me alot, i appreciated your accompany.


also, as i drove past Ellaway Music this arfo to do some chore, I scored myself a classic Vox V874 Wah-Wah pedal as a birthday present for myself. I have decided that since our vocal has left, I can slow down my so call song writing and re-polish my guitar skill. I am still aiming to end up as a Hendrix/Mayer/Frustiante/Slash type of guitarist and a wah pedal is a must.

Aim of 22nd year of my life - I am going to nail Little Wing, Purple Haze, Voodoo Child, Slow Dancing in the Burning Room and the famous Guns and Roses stuff.


Happy Birthday to me

17 February 2010

Sleeping Soda

I am now part of Sleeping Soda.

After 4, nearly 5 years of searching for a proper name for our band 3:43, we are now officially:
Sleeping Soda
Consists of:

Sanc: the bassist/producer
Deena: the vocal/lyricist and a bit of everything
Aupcs: the drummer/Mc
Me: Guitar/seafood delight

Funny enough, this was decided the night the original trio had our last little meet before our lovely vocal Deena moves to Melbourne to start her adventurous life as an uni student. 

This is not the end, but only a beginning of a new chapter in our paperback.

PS: Good Luck Deena, Miss you!

15 February 2010


When i revived this blog a month or 2 ago, i thought i would update it if not on a daily basis, atleast 2-3 times a week.
I was wrong.
I have over estimated how interesting my life is and under estimated how lazy i am to upload photos. I am nowhere near as poetic as i want to be able to make my daily routine interesting through my words only. And i would like my blog to be covered in photos, if not from my LOMO, atleast from a digital camera. WORSE comes to worse, i would like to post a picture from something else, or EVEN a youtube link, to share my interest and things i think is interesting.
I was wrong, again.
This post is not gonna have any jpeg, gif, embedded video, sound, no. but hopefully i will get back on track, because it's quite an enjoyable thing to do.

ps: Happy Chinese New Year to whoever that stumbled across Chocolate College.

07 February 2010

Exams and Decision

In approximately 12 hrs, i will be sitting my PSYC3152 exam. I have gone through 3 lectures, briefly with about 9 more to go. Yet! I am not rushing, panicking, crying or pissing my pants like i should, why?
Cause I've passed the course with 0.5 marks already! 
The thing is, there is a good chance i can score myself a 5, maybe 6 if i really put my effort into it, but this is during the last month of my quiet summer holiday and I am sure i am very happy with a 4. However...the one on wednesday...whoever up there must bless me...

on top of that, I have made a very life changing (mayb not really, but atleast for the next few yrs) decision this afternoon while i was doing what i do best while studying, procrastinating/day dreaming/internet surfing. 

On another side note, I really really want to watch this.
starring two of my favourite Japanese actor Arata and Odagiri Joe, with a topic that i can totally relate to (not that i have one) 

Air Doll / Kuuki Ningyou / 空気人形

showing anywhere in Brisbane?

01 February 2010

Hidden Secret Revealed

My long time hidden secret has been discovered. I thought all these years I've been doing a pretty good job at hiding my love for a young girl. But sadly, she's a bit too smart for me and in a very subtle way, she told me she has discovered my feeling for her. How?

by drawing a very happy version of me in my Moleskine

there is only one flaw that I have to say though, a guitar has 6 strings, not 4. I know you are the ukulele girl on _ _ _t u b e with X million views, but please, Salem's gonna cry.