15 February 2010


When i revived this blog a month or 2 ago, i thought i would update it if not on a daily basis, atleast 2-3 times a week.
I was wrong.
I have over estimated how interesting my life is and under estimated how lazy i am to upload photos. I am nowhere near as poetic as i want to be able to make my daily routine interesting through my words only. And i would like my blog to be covered in photos, if not from my LOMO, atleast from a digital camera. WORSE comes to worse, i would like to post a picture from something else, or EVEN a youtube link, to share my interest and things i think is interesting.
I was wrong, again.
This post is not gonna have any jpeg, gif, embedded video, sound, no. but hopefully i will get back on track, because it's quite an enjoyable thing to do.

ps: Happy Chinese New Year to whoever that stumbled across Chocolate College.

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Bambi said...

It does however have a comment
Because I will always stumble across Chocolate College

Gong Xi Fa Cai WOOHOO (yes in that accent)