07 February 2010

Exams and Decision

In approximately 12 hrs, i will be sitting my PSYC3152 exam. I have gone through 3 lectures, briefly with about 9 more to go. Yet! I am not rushing, panicking, crying or pissing my pants like i should, why?
Cause I've passed the course with 0.5 marks already! 
The thing is, there is a good chance i can score myself a 5, maybe 6 if i really put my effort into it, but this is during the last month of my quiet summer holiday and I am sure i am very happy with a 4. However...the one on wednesday...whoever up there must bless me...

on top of that, I have made a very life changing (mayb not really, but atleast for the next few yrs) decision this afternoon while i was doing what i do best while studying, procrastinating/day dreaming/internet surfing. 

On another side note, I really really want to watch this.
starring two of my favourite Japanese actor Arata and Odagiri Joe, with a topic that i can totally relate to (not that i have one) 

Air Doll / Kuuki Ningyou / 空気人形

showing anywhere in Brisbane?

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