24 February 2010


It ain't much of a birthday without presents. Last year, there was only one thing that stood out from the rest, but this year, each of them means alot to me.

1. a gold lotto mega quick pick from my brother/cousin Jerry. As much of a stingy bastard he is, he bought me a MEGA quick pick, i was very surprised. I didn't win shit, but that's probably better. how am i gonna split 4mill??

2. The musician's note book: Guitar from my sister. This book probably cost less than $10, but just looking at this thing, i feel like there are many many songs coming along!

3. Kidrobot Munny t-shirt from melboure from my dearest pretty green. she's been down there for 2 days and having her head stuck between moving, settling and shopping, but still spare some time to get me a t-shirt + a little note. i wonder if the munny i gave her is down at melbourne too?

4. Apple Magic mouse from my extended-extended family consists of Kelvin, Matthew, Jacky and i believe sophie, and lowie. I have been eyeing this mouse for a while and they obviously they realised it. thanks guys!

5. not really a birthday present, but stilla gift none the less. What is it? i havn't got it yet but i am super uber stoked to receive it!!! once i get it in my hand, i will be the happiest man on earth! (hint: it's white, it's second hand and it's...gonna be called "Lady", i think.)

6. how can i forget, i also received an awesome night from my brothers Ondy + Agney Fishy, Chuckie, JIMSEEEE who sacrificed his car and...heheheh and Vincent. What jim, chuck and vin got me is....unforgettable...nice though i must say hahahaahahha

it was a very satisfying 22nd with some of my best friends. And thank you for all the wishes!

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