27 September 2011

The Digital Team (or we call ourselves The Great Team/ The Perfect Team))

When team first formed, the idea behind it was relatively simple. The first four member of the team was me, Quinton, Josh Dorevich (Josh. D), Josh Oakley (Josh. O) and Jonathan See (Jon). If you didn't realise, this is actually 4 of the 5 guys in our class. Having known Josh. D and Jon from pretty much every class since semester 1, it was a logical decision to group as everywhere else seemed to be groups and groups of young ladies. When Josh. O sees us forming, we assumed he just wanted to be a part of the boys group, even though we haven't met before. And as the other groups were getting too big, Natalia Alessi (Nat) and Amy Gao were added to the group and this is how the group was formed.

We did not assign a particular leader or anyone to organise our work as we all get along quite well during the class and out of the class. It wasn't until Josh. D got us an interview with Tim Evans through one of his friend then we decided maybe we can let him be our spokesperson for now. We let him decide on the date and time, which more or less follows the Tuckman's model of forming.

Ever since the assignment have started, we meet up on a regular basis, discuss related or non related topics on our own Facebook group page and slowly building up a relationship between each other. Of course there were times when we have disagreements, but as a whole, I would say each and every single member of the group are relatively easy going and after all, we all understand that we are here to get the job done. I personally felt that team building, whether for a uni assignment or in the workforce, if the team atmosphere is good and everyone are striving towards the same goal, the final outcome will always be better than a collective of individual work.

Of the 5 stages in the Tuckman's model, I would say that the fifth stage, Adjourning is the hardest part. Regardless of the final outcome, we have put in a great deal of efforts in our assignment and as a team, we are very proud of what we have accomplished. Throughout the whole process, we were enjoying ourselves but at the same time learning about the topic and how to work as a team. For example Jon is the most skillful in the area of multimedia, so he took up the role to produce the power point and the layout of the report. And since Nat and Amy were not very confident about their speech, we all helped them out prior to the presentation, hoping they would feel less nervous and confident about themselves.

At the end of the day, of course we wouldn't have difficulties moving on from this group, but it was a great experience and I am sure we will be keeping in contact in the future. This is what a great team building to me is all about, it is not only about how well you performed in your assignments, but how well did you end up knowing the person in your team and build relationships with them. I would say we were very lucky to have found a handful of people that get along with each other, and there really isn't much negative comments I can say about this Digital a.k.a The Great Team. Again, regardless of the result, we all put in our effort for the presentation and report and I am sure as a team we were very happy with what we did.