23 February 2011

Bye Brisbane

I am about half an hour away from leaving my beloved brisbane and moving away to melbourne as i am typing this blog. I have lived here for the past 15 years, a place that has nurtured and taught me everything that i know and what i shouldn't know. I  met most of my friends and build up all the strings and ties that i have with anyone in this little sunny town, shared my youth and teen with her in return for love and comfort. I also met some of the most important people that have set foot in my life; be it friends, enemies, lovers, partial families and the list goes on. Although i am only 2.X hrs away from my home, leaving this comfort zone for the first time is quite a thrilling feeling, i am now equally excited and scared about what is waiting for me in this foreign town.

wish me luck Brisbane, i'll visit you more often that you and i expect. It's not till now that i am leaving i understand how much i love you!