18 May 2010

Dating Ariane

This bitch is hard to get down with...


this is a virtual dating game that lets you pretty much do anything with her if you get the steps right.
I have tried to work it out by myself and obviously she is not liking my style of "Romance"


I went and seek help and ask the almighty google - how to date a virtual woman??

and i got lead to this site http://www.jokelibrary.net/people/d_files/ariane/1_start.html

however! even if i follow it step to step! i still can't FUCK THIS BITCH!!

ar well...one day...

she is much much harder than any real life women i've met...if i have to go to such extent AND not able to hit a home run...

1 comment:

Bambi said...

Tell me how to play!
I'm going to see if a woman knows how to work out a woman!

and btw if you fail, ill program you a mail order robot because itll have robofunctions ;)