01 May 2010


John Mayer was fucking aweeeesome. period.

i can end there, because there really isn't much needs to elaborate on. i mean, being names one of the 3 modern days guitar god by the Rolling Stones magazine, thats shows how nuts he is on the 6 strings (the other two was John Frusciante and Derek Truck, now i've seen 2/3, i need to see Frusciante!!!). after seeing him live, i must say i don't practice near enough...

somethings i didn't understand though. why do you have to change guitar for every song? from a Strat to Tele is...somewhat acceptable, from a Strat to S.G or ES is also very acceptable...but...acoustic to acoustic? strat to strat? really??? but nonetheless, it's great to see all his guitars, the black relish, JM signature strat, 2 X JM Martin, Jimi Woodstock Strat, a TELE! s.g and an ES-334.

the only flaw...if only he played a Hendrix song...but his concert Crosstown was mind blowing!!!

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Bambi said...

He wouldve been great to listen to! hahaha one day u can change from strat to strat