22 April 2010

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I don't consider myself as a very single minded and traditional person, in fact, i would consider myself to be anything but that. but there are certain things that i don't like to change, if possible, ever.

1. Hair colour: excuse the grey hair as i am suffering from an early middle age syndrome, but i can only accept my hair being the darkest of brown to the lightest of black, nothing else.
2. perfume: i have been using the same scent since yr 12, which was nearly 7 yrs ago, and not that i have not thought about having an affair with another bottle, i plan to smell "black" for the rest of my life.
3. jewelry: i don't wear anything but a red string now, but it's on me for half a year, and once i get my ring from london, i won't be seen without it!

that's some simple things that i can think of now, and if i can stick to it i'd be very happy.

but things are starting to crack a little bit lately...like i was out looking for a new scent the other day! during different stage of my life, i have done some somewhat dramatic things when i am hitting a high point LOW in my life, eg cutting off my long hair, developed a hair pulling habit, biting inner lips habit, still figuring out why did i hang around and mess with certain people during certain time etc.

one of the things that i don't like changing also is emotions. finally i have accepted the fact that i am still having trouble adapting, and i think that's why i have been hitting rocks. title says it all

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Bambi said...

Trouble adapting to what Mister!
Hope you're ok,
pretty greeen