14 April 2010

Rank A hypebeast sneering at hypebeast wannabe

I am obviously not the Rank A hypebeast.

the story was: i went back to uni yesterday for my weekly 2 hr tute and i was running late, so i kinda skimmed past a GROUP of Rank "A" hypebeast wearing something so rare and expensive i can actually identify them separately at one glance. as i walk past them and continue my walk to my room, i heard some chuckle and a sentence in canto: "hahahaha...rolling up his pants but only wearing vans!"(translate into canto by all mean). as soon as i heard it i was like...ha? talking about me? i then realised yes but i didn't really give a fuck, why should i? (but i must say i was kinda pissed, not cut tho, not cut...why should i...)

So! the reason for rolled up pants in the past few years as a hyped up trend is due to the hyped of riding Fixed gear. obviously rolling the pants so it wont touch the cranks and shit. and the reason i was rolling it up because i was heading to GEAR BRISBANE after uni to have my wheels check, and...I DO RIDE FIXED GEAR! but those Rank A hypebeast who also roll up their pants just to imitate the trend and showing off their $6~700 sneakers do not understand the reason and concept, i must say i feel shameful to come from the same city as they do, get a brain! (one of them was even wearing a Visvim messenger bag, which is like a HUGGEEEEEE bag and he would look like a very successful messenger, if only he even knows what they are)

so enough of that, i really want this bag!
Mission Workshop Vandal backpack~

Grocery Run - Vandal Cargo Backpack from Mission Workshop on Vimeo.

but i think it's because of the digital camo and the way this beard guy hold up his beer at the end...

1 comment:

Bambi said...

haha aww poor quinton
u shouldve retaliated!!

and vans are cool and acceptably priced.. alot of expensive shit look like shit anyway

i'm here for u hypebeast