28 March 2010


My favourite colour is "Pink"
as a guy, i have always been questioned and judged for having pink belongings, mostly, from my own father. I have multiple pink shirts, pink bike grips, pedal toe cage and i am gonna paint my bike pink sooner or later, and the love of my life is a 23 yrs old pillow, which was a candy pink when she was young, but she has aged and turned kinda orangey. But as a guy it's always harder to have pink belongings such as wallet and phones and etc, so my pink collection rather small.

i forgot when did i first got hooked on by this beautiful colour, but i think it's this Zoo York cap that i bought in year 8 in general pants, i still remember it was $50 bucks, and for a yr 8, it was fucking expensive, but i had to have it!


this cap was purchased BEFORE Pharrell made trucker hat the hottest shit around and i was pretty much the only guy that i know has one, and the staff at GP told me it's the only one in Australia! It's out of shape and doesn't fit anymore, but i just can't let it go.

then after a few years, my love for pink moved onto Converse, another love of my life.


as you can see, it's been trashed pretty badly and i mainly just wear it for work/fishing/bike riding and similar activity, but i think i will get another pair eventually.

but i am not gonna let my shoe collection lack a pair of active pink shoe in rotation, so here comes a new member: Nike Cortez Fly Motion


i was gonna buy it when it first came out but back then i was kinda broke. second time i saw it it was in the nike outlet, but i have not seen it in the shop at all, so how did it get there? i have no clue. I didn't buy it either the second time because my aunty from canada was around and i didn't want to buy anything under that situation. and the third time, it's $90 with 30% off making it $65, what more can i say?

this is end of march and i have bought three pair of shoes already in 2010, i wonder how many all up this year?

my wording in this post is rather ridiculously screwed up, i think lack of sleep really is the enemy of intelligence.

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Bambi said...

haha i think ive bought same amount alreadyy too!!!

dont have a cortez though
ur sentence was terrible haha