10 March 2010

Pirelli 2010

dear god,

if you can transform me/enlighten me/surgically change me into Terry Richardson, or simply turn back time a few months and let me be a tea boy at the Pirelli Calendar 2010 shoot, i will sacrifice my soul and my blood for you, and thou shall be scared of Satan no more as thy shall protect thee.

seriously, before the whole Terry Richardson thing blew up, I have been following him since early 2000 when I have discovered VICE. Then the world entered the Point and Shoot era and he quickly scored a spot amongst the top photographer because he was renown for his raw and erotic photos. YES he was quite a controversy because he was always included in the picture naked and YES his photos are somewhat inspiring and fun and YES he stuck to his yashica T4 without jumping on the bandwagon using leica and other digital DSLR (atleast he is still famous for his T4 as i type) and YES i really want his book Terry's World and still haven't got it.BUT! at this point in my life, I declare I hate him because:

1. he was appointed to shoot the Pirelli 2010 Calendar
2. the model consists of: Eniko Mihalik, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Catherine McNeil, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Daisy Lowe, Gracie Carvalho, Marloes Horst, Lily Cole, Ana Beatriz Barros, Miranda Kerr, and Georgina Stojiljkovic, thats all
3. they were naked, full on naked
4. tht shit cost about $500 on ebay
5. obviously i don't have one

The Making of the 2010 Pirelli Calendar by Terry Richardson from Rafael Rubira fashion4fun.com.br on Vimeo.

life is unfair

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