07 March 2010


After a long long summer holiday, my latest hobby and $$$ consumption has finally received the last part and i have finished the long haul. my fixie bike is 100% completed!


off course there are other things i can/want to change, but for now, i am very satisfied, atleast i can stop feeding it $$$ on a weekly basis.

So far, i can do some amateur skid, some failing wheelie and kiddie bunny hop. And with the new toe cap, i can barely skid at all! but then i belive in practice makes mediocre and i blame it on the fucking constant rain for stopping me go riding.

ps: while i was trying out my new pinkish purple grip today, i realise the grip is not dried entirely and while i was trying to skid, the whole thing got pulled out and i landed with my head. i haven't stacked this bad since primary school...i think i have mild concussion going on...no joke.


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