07 March 2010


I mentioned before that i am about to receive a gift but not particularly for any reason. i was gonna name it "Electric" but somehow the name was rejected. and now, let me introduce my newest mistress:
Fender "Bunny" Stratocaster 
This guitar is given to me by my brother KUMO, cause she thinks it's better off in my hand rather than sleeping in her bedroom with occasional love~

another shot of the headstock

Anyway, this is a Made in Japan Strat, born around 2004-2005 and its got a hendrix white body. 
the reason she was gonna be names Electric was because of hendrix's Electric Lady Land, but my sister somehow suggested Bunny and i really like it. 
I adopted the idea of naming instrument from Deena, and i will post the whole family soon!

1 comment:

Bambi said...

I'm glad you're giving your instruments beautiful and individualistic love :)

Bunny is really cute and pwns Electric! And you wrote brother gave it to you and then said it was a she!

BTW those vans insoles are mad!