18 March 2010

21st Century Shopping Trolley

Lately, for the first time since i started working at this place last year i realise i do indeed work in some hi-tek industry. check out our Colezie Trolley 0001.vaiio work station!


as you can see we mounted a portable pc computer on to a Cxles Trolley, and secured with some indestructible lock system: a seat belt.


in order to cover up the origin of the trolley, we decorated with some bubble wrap, also for increased comfort.

ladies and gentlemen, 21st century hi-tek work station

ok real talk, i think i should not work under some dude who thinks using a 1.5k laptop and a coles trolley to pick our stock anymore. The reason for such invention was because:
1.this laptop was a return with minor fault and therefore my boss fucked around with it for a while and left it on his desk.
2. apparently by using a laptop instead of printing out picking list is economical and environmentally friendly.

but he could've sell/give it to us for a cheap price or for free, use a MUCH cheaper laptop and...it takes a lot of picking list to match 1.5k boss


Bambi said...

hahahha that is hilarious.
can i guess that ur boss is either asian or indian? Maybe even jewish

Bambi said...

we all know that lobsters copy coladas