15 April 2010

Thoughts Collision

there was this woman, she...was madly in love with this man, and she knows that he knows and he feels just the same. however, years have passed by and things have remained the same, what is the same? were they...lover? yes. couple? hrmm...not quite. what is couple? do they go out together, for a movie, dinner, sit by the sea, the bench in the park for 4 hrs doing nothing but feels like nothing is more entertaining than the ripples and falling leaves? maybe dinner, but the rest of the above are too exposing, and...typical you might say, they were scared. Scared? of what? scared that once they admit that "they" are "together", "they" become "we" and it's not longer "me" and "you". is there something wrong with being "we"? no, but sometimes, life needs something to trigger a motion, and once the bullet is shot, it can't go back, it might save a life, but there is always another side to an outcome, one must be ready and brave enough to see through it. wait, wait, wait, who's gonna get hurt if they love each other? who knows, both? well...so they just let this goes on and on? the girl couldn't wait no more, she needs an answer, and...she left. and the guy? he realise there is something needs to be done so he calls her, and tried to track her down, but she never picks it up. does she knows? yeah of course, every time the man calls, she would stick a pink post it note on her window, and she counted it would take 100 calls to make a perfect, pixelated heart, and when it's done, she have decided she'll stay with him forever, if he says no, she'll make him say yes. so she waited for the man to call her 100 days? aha, the man is a hardworking one, he calls twice a day, so that makes it 50 days. thats not that long, time flies! you'd think so don't you, but the man has made a decision as well, he would call her for 50 day, first thing in the morning if she doesn't pick up, that's it. doesn't that only makes it 99 calls? yeh, indeed, so on the 50th day, after the 99th call, things between the two ended. thats such a shame...no? well...after some time, days, weeks, maybe months, i don't know, one day, the woman stared at the broken heart, and...the wind gently blew it apart. she just let them fall off the window? no, her love for the man isn't that shallow, to her surprised she rushed over and picked up all the pieces and quickly stuck it back on the window. sadly it still misses a piece. the woman look up at the reformed heart and...she saw cracks in places, some overlapped, some not, but...it's not broken, it's not missing a piece, it's not perfect thats for sure but...it's a heart. so? she thought, the man has tried non stop for 50 days, he has done his part, maybe their love isn't perfect, but atleast it was real, and what have she done to try to fix it? so she went back to the man? she went back to him, unexpectedly she walked into his shop, she finds her usual spot is reserved, with something that doesn't belong in a place like this, but...she knows exactly who's it for. so the man prepared them for her? everyday, since the 50th day, he wished for her return and saved the spot for her, prepared her favourite food even if they are not suppose to be seen in this place; he decided to wait  in silence, because he knows that she knows that he loves her just as much and she knows that he knows...she will one days return.

(saw a similar plot in a movie, wanted to make something up so i reworded the whole thing into something nowhere near as interesting as the original at all~ar well)

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Bambi said...

It's still goddamn interesting :)
That was a nice journey for my lately boring thought-filled brain