16 May 2010

The rhythm of time

The Rhythm of Time

at first i thought i was well prepared
as hours and minutes were hired and paired
although my mind was weak and torn
all i could think about was sleep and yawn

but how wrong was i to think i'm fine
both hours and minutes left me behind
by now there isn't much time to go
because i was a fool to have let it roll

can someone......."suddenly interrupted by my sanity"

Quinton, shut the fuck up and get on with you 2500 word assignment DUE TMR AT 10:00AM!!!

what was i thinking...writing poems about not having time to finish my assignment, on my blog, when i really don't have much time left to do my assignment...what a nice way to end a marvelous Sunday...

1 comment:

Bambi said...

Hahahah that's so cute and ironic

BY THE WAY, i have two favours
a) WHAT was that japanese song we used to sing and play.. and it was like blue moon sky.. or blue moon tide... lol like the chorus was terrible engrish. Its been stuck in my head but I cant pin point it!!!

b) COULD YOU, send me the good version of goodbye.. you guys probably havent put it together but it would make my day of not having my original laptop :) :)