26 May 2010


me: hey...it's been a while.
her: yeh...how are you? you did cut your hair didn't you?
me: yeh, quite some time ago...wow, this is kinda weird isn't it?
her: indeed, you haven't changed much though, that's freaky! look at me...turning in to a granny haha.
me: as if, i am now as old as you were when i met you back then! you haven't changed much either, apart from adding a bit of colour to your clothes.
her: my wardrobe is not about weddings and funerals anymore! when was the last time i saw you?
me: when i dropped you off at the airport? it's nearly 4 years ago...time flies aye? now you've done your masters, moved out of melbourne and back, and i am starting mine in melbourne...when we actually last meet each other at the brisbane airport.
her: and that time i flew to melbourne for a short trip as well! i guess we are meant to meet here afterall?
me: i guess so, atleast there wouldn't be any awkwardness or chance of bumping into anyone, right?
her: for you maybe, but for me, it can happen anytime.
me: well, too late~why don't we find a place to sit?
her: you remember i said what i wanted to do with you the most when i saw you last?
me: yeah...you said you want me to take you to freestyle, just the two of us and chat for hours...too bad there isn't any in melbourne.
her: well, it's easier to find a substitute cafe than flying back to brisbane, we have four years to catch up........

when we do meet, maybe?

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Bambi said...

i didnt really understand and its not because of your poor english ... . .. . ................ lol