06 May 2010

Sitting in a melting pot

i haven't had any enthusiasm to do anything productive for a long time. overall since last year, my mind has been rather dull, so i tucked myself in to the world of novels and literature, until the resurrection of the then 3:43, now Sleeping Soda. That went great, i dropped my books down for a good 3 months or so, until Deena left which made me fell into this anti-creative phase from February till...now. I haven't write a proper tune since she left because i miss the connection i get when we have our little musical jam, and i haven't pick up a book either, apart from magazines.

so basically i am dreading the days to go on and not looking forward for anything interesting everyday, things are collapsing in every way yet i am not affected by it, in other word, my life is rather pointless now.

ps: for anyone who's looking for some kind of past time activity, i HIGHLY recommend Winterbells. this little rabbit sure makes me happy, i've been sitting in front of the screen for nearly 2 hrs playing that.

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Bambi said...

Sigh *read mine*