13 October 2010

My new essentials

Like my old post, i have always keep a list of my essential "things" that surrounds me, and since i've acquired a few that i know will stick along for a while i decided to do a little update.

for my wrists


a G-shock dw-6500 (i think...), a leather bangle and snakeskin bracelet, both from Lianca.
it must've been primary school since i last got myself a g-shock, and the reason for it is mainly because it's the perfect watch for cycling! and i have always want to keep both my wrists occupied so i just got these leathers to wrap them in. it's from one of my favourite shop in H.K, a bit expensive, but well worth it!

New Scent and Memory


I havent changed my cologne for 5 yrs, and this is the first time. the reason is simple, i ran out of the old one, and my friend who works at L'Occitane, who helped me to buy shaving gel got me this as well. Since it's free and smell relatively similar to my old one, i've decided to give it a shot. but Kenneth Cole is gonna be back once this is gone...

and on the left you can see my Lacie USB key. I've had too many occasion of losing my flash stick to god knows who and this time i have decided to keep this on my key chain and not letting anyone burrow it.

Fujian CCTV Lens


a cheap china made CCTV lens that i keep on my NEX-5 most of the time, it just gives such nice, warm colour and blurs out the background. for its price (roughly around 40AUD?) i don't think i have one bad thing to say about it!


Bambi said...

Your english is terrible, Quinton! Hahahahahha I got a new black gshock toooooo and my friend has a lacie usb.. bit expensive!

Anonymous said...

Hey Quinton, cool blog! One of the very few who writes blogs these days...keep blogging!

lianca has some pretty nice accessories! damn i wish i was in hk...