21 October 2010

Miss GinOy

ever since a kid, i have never been mad about any celebrities, singer or "stars". but of course as a man, there'd be a few woman that i consider as goddess and therefore take more notice (although no one thinks devon aoki is pretty...i still think she has something that no other celeb or model can compare).

but a while ago, i discovered someone call 歐陽靖 GinOy, and instantly i was madly addicted to her. at first i was curious about her actual identity/occupation, as her description floating on the internet says (rough translation):

daughter of an ex-Taiwan actress and high rank gangster (who is also a renown member of the RSPCA...), IQ estimate of 168 but she hasn't finished highschool, a model/actress although she was considered as obese until age 16, nominated for "best styling" of a movie that she styled even it's her first attempt when she was 20, won first prize at an international LOMO competition, loves to shoot film, a bass player, would be considered as an OTAKU in normal people's perspective, ranked top 20 in Taiwan for most Playstation 3 games finished with 100% completion (quite possibly no.1 female), covered in tattoo, released an Existentialism/ sci-fi novel without reading much novel in the past and finally she love beer.

after reading this interesting background, i bought a copy of her novel and read it. i wouldn't say it's the best sci-fi novel i've read, but it does have a very interesting concept that keeps your eyes focus on the book. And after going through every single post on her blog and pretty much every single bits of information that i can find about her on the internet, i can confirm that, for the first time in my life, i am hooked on to a celebrity.


oh did i mention that she has the type of face that i consider as really hot?

her blog is: http://ginoy.blog.shinobi.jp/

ps: seems like apart from Devon Aoki...all of my female crush (Sue Qi and Vivian Hsu) are Taiwanese....


Bambi said...

She does seem interesting!

Anonymous said...

She's gorgeous! Interesting tattoos and loving her blog!