13 October 2010


I have always been fond of photography, not so much for the picture itself, but the idea of capturing the moment. thats why i have never push myself to go out and shoot, but rather take a picture when i have the chance.

I was once a member of the smallest club during highschool, the photography club for a semester, which consists of 4 members including myself. I learn how to use a manual focus rangefinder and develope my own black and white photos, which i have to say i have given it all back to my teacher. But i am sure thats where i have my obsession with films. It just give me so much texture and character compare to the perfect shots of digital camera. But due to lack of money and sources, i have been using the same camera for the past 4-5 years, the Lomo Lc-a+. the reason i chose it back in the day was because i couldnt find a Ricoh Gr1s and it seemed like the next best option, and surprisingly my sister got it for me for my birthday!

but my trusty lc-a has a new companion because it's too much effort to upload films and $$$ to develope them...


it's now skinned because the original leather is really plastic and falling off so i've been looking for substitute,
so! as the micro 3/4 trend is booming, i got myself a really nice looking new camera, the Sony NEX-5!


equipped with a NINJA camera strap for cycling purpose!

so hopefully from now on there will be more photo contributing to the blog!

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