17 December 2009

2009 Wrap Up

2009 has been a disgusting year for me, family issues, personal, educational...all in all it wasn't a delightful year in my book. Yet in 30 years or so, i am pretty sure it would be one of those years that you look back and cherish. However, I did indeed step into adulthood and turned 21, I think by now, alot of my personality has been shaped and I can kinda discover what kind of person I am.
As a wrap up, I have decided to make a list of my Essentials item just like style.com and Mr. Hiroshi Fujiwara.

So here's my 15 Essential Items of 2009 (yes, it's not 10, but 15) Part 1:

1. Jeans

From the left to right is Dior Homme black 19cm, Dior Homme Indigo 19cm, Skull Jeans 5010XX and A.P.C new standard. I can't live without denim jeans, especially being a member of Super Future...we
don't wash them ok?

2. Plain TsWhat's better to wear under a suit jacket, leather jacket, jeans, shorts, windbreaker, pants, under a shirt, with a shirt than a plain white T (no pun haha....)?
3. Lo-Fi Sneakers

If I am allowed one pair of shoes for the rest of my life, it would be a pair of hi cut black and white Chuck Taylor, in leather with skinny waxed shoelaces, size 11 please. Apart from that, lo-fi shoes such as vans, more chucks, white canvas looking shoes are probably my love of my life in terms of shoes.
4. Kenneth Cole Black

The only fragrance I've bought for myself, ever. I've been wearing it since 2005 and I have not once thought about changing. Not because of the smell though, but for its unpopularity and the fact that it barely smell at all.
5. Watch

I have been wearing watch since 4 I believe, mainly due to my dad being a watch maniac and force me to wear it since. Now I personally only own 1 Tokyo Flash, but I have inherited an Omega Speedmaster, Rolex Submariner, Seiko Marine Watch and some vintage panda watch that I love. I am kinda spoilt...

6. Wallet

This Bottega Veneta wallet was given to me for Birthday from my mum and sis few years ago, nothing but class and quality is all I can say. It now resembles part of my ass as I believe it's been with me the most for the past few years.
7. Sun Glasses

Living in Brisbane, driving without sunnies is fast forwarding to either early death or asking for pain. This Superfuture is the largest wayfarer wannabe out in the market and I believe it's also the only one that would SIT on my face rather than STRETCHING out to hug my head. I absolutely love it.
8. Gadgets

Last year I switched from the good ol PC to MAC and life has only been smoother and better (and off course cooler...). I got myself a Mac Book Pro I realise I spend way too much time facing the computer and internet than before, no good no good. This year I switched from Sony Ericsson P1i (I loved it to death) to Nokia E71 (Got it for free, it's great but too small for me) to what? THE ONE: Iphone 3Gs. As much as I hate to jump on bandwagons... this lil thing made my life happier and easier, alot easier...
9. Camera

I like taking photos, but most of the time I only use this LOMO L-CA+. I still prefer the touch and texture of films rather than DC. But since the rebirth of this blog... I believe My Canon will play a bit more role now.
10. Hair

Being an Asian, it takes atleast 10 min longer for us to get out of the house in the morning, especially when you wants to style it into a preppy, dandy looking gentleman. The discover of Uppercut is some of my highlight of 2009, due to many reason...but here are some of my usual drugs for my hair.
11. Guitar

I play the guitar everyday, despite being a pro or not. It's my closest lover since 14 years old. I make her sing, I make her scream, I make her wail at night with all her dreams...here's my Cole Clark Fat Lady and Jackson Soloist.
12. Books

It's the most important entertainment of my life, hands down. I read from manga to novels, to poetry to magazine to encyclopedia...I think it's the only form of eternal knowledge. But I hate lecture notes...
13. Music

I buy CDs. I buy CDs. I buy CDs. I buy from itunes. I collect CDs. I also download... I BUY CDS.
14. Notepad

I bought myself a Moleskin just to have a pad to write down all my thoughts, lyrics, songs, poems, draw, be cool etc like most talented people or people who thinks they are an artist once they have one, like me. I must say it is pretty handy though.
15. Internet

I cannot live without the internet and I am sure most of us can't. Especially the invention of youtube and facebook. I LOVE youtube, but I hate Facebook. But I use it everyday...

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