23 December 2009

Wong Ka Wai

I am not a movie person, but I do enjoy watching movies by myself in my little room. The idea of asking someone, buying ticket and sitting in the cinema just puts me off to going to watch movies. Therefore I never get the chance to know what is on about when people around me starts talking about movies, cause I haven't seen it. When I do watch though, films by great minds like Stanley Kubrick, Wong Ka Wai, or films like 21gram, Trainspotting, Before Sunset/Sunrise, Requiem for a dream etc are my favourite. It requires a bit of thoughts and mind to understand, but not too deep like Tarkovsky.

To me, Wong Ka Wai captures the most beautiful era of Hong Kong that I wasn't fortunate to experience. "In the Name of Love" outlined the love and burden of married couple who were fond of each other but due to the social moral and pressure, they could only express it in their co-written novel. The actor Tony Leung and Maggie were no doubt at their highest performance, delivering their emotions only through the tiniest gestures through the eyes and fingers. But what hit me the most is the way the whole movie was transformed through the camera, clothes, lights and shades and the music. Through the eyes of Wong Ka Wai and his long time partner, cinematographer Christopher Doyle, the essence of the 60's Hong Kong were like moving art, printing images in your mind. And off course the choice of music, which I am not familiar with, only adds more taste and season the whole vibe.

My Favourite movie of Wong Ka Wai, however is the Chung King Express, which I shall post next time.


rachel may said...

you have a great taste in movies :D i watched trainspotting the other day and loved it~ my sister walked in on the awesome montage in requiem and thought i was watching a porno lol

can i recommend some though you may have already seen them?~
pan's labyrinth
black balloon
the home song stories (1960s hk/australia)
lolita (original kubric version)

saw you on deena's blog (:


chocoloby said...

thanks! I saw the fotos you took as well, it's pretty damn amazing!! i wish i can play around with the camera like u do!

I have seen probably most but not all of Kubrick's movie, I absolutely love it, but i havent heard of the rest of them, i will definitely dig around!

you have great taste too~