26 December 2009

Big Breakfast

What do you do when you have excess amount of mango and cherry sitting at home waiting to rot?
A. Leave it
B. Eat it all
C. Throw it away
D. Blend it in to a delicious milkshake in the morning because you have nothing better to do.

So, obviously I chose...D. So this morning, i woke up, seeded the cherry, skinned the mango, froze it and started to prepare for my big breakfast, for myself.

I started off by riding down to the bakery for some fresh bread and took some turkey, ham left over from Xmas out of the fridge. Next I went to make some sunnyside up eggs, which turned out beautiful today. Next I put all the fruit and some ice, added a bit of milk into the blender and off it go.


process of blending...




and the final shot of my Big Breakfast~


accompanied by Pineapple Express, thats my breakfast alone.

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