22 September 2010

Back from my rest, but still resting

so, the story goes i've been graduated and took a supposedly 5 weeks holiday back to hk, and meanwhile go to Tai Wan for a short trip.

but that didn't happen, not only i stayed for 2 months, but i only went to macau and Ghoung Zhou for a week...sigh. and during all these time, i didn't have the urge just couldn't be fucked updating my blog because i am feeling super lazy 24/7. and now that i am back to brisabane for nearly a month, i am finally back on track.

and here's a super brief flash back of what i've done in the past 2 months, using a few photos.

I saw Jimi Hendrix's western cowboy shirt at Hardrock Casino in Macau, i was gazing over this thing for a good 15minute...having watched him playing at woodstock wearing this shirt over hundred times on facebook and seeing it in front of my eyes is truly amazing...
(speaking of jimi hendrix, i've been playing guitar for over 2 hrs everyday and Voodoo Child is my first Target!)


while i was in macau, i also went to my cousin's second daughter (do i call her my second-niece?) 's one month old celebration. she is adorable~ and thats me and her
i can never get a picture with her sister...

the always sleeping Prudence

Prudence that just farted

and thats my first part of Hong Kong trip, consists of purely macau haha

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