13 June 2010


looking back at some old photos, i realised how much things have changed in the past 4.x years.

here i am studying for my last exam at uq *fingers crossed*, i would never have thought this is how i am going to end my bachelor when i started my first day. i thought i would have changed into law and arts and on a steady road to become a lawyer, mean time have some crazy uni life and settle down for the last two years or so.


had half a year of crazy party, uni life, then i got bored and tired. slowly drifted away from the white community and gained a rather large group of asian friends. about this time, glad i went on msn in the morning one day and eventually formed "Sleeping Soda" with a few like minded. had some ups and down with the ladies, and lost some friends during the course as well.

confirmed for a fact that i am considered one of the weird one amongst my friends, but thats fine. afterall, what i have learnt from these 4 years or so of uni and adulthood is the fact that it didn't teach
me enough to tell me what i want to be, but taught me more than enough to shape me what i am now.

the point of this post?

nothing, looking at photos just triggered many things that have been long forgotten and after digesting it, i need a place to dump it down.

ps: to Agnes over at hong kong, i saw some photos of us when we first met a few years ago, can't believe you are still sleeping, it's been 4 months, i haven't seen you since my birthday. hurry up and wake up, we are all waiting!

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Bambi said...

You've come a long way! :) And don't feel unaccomplished, you've done so many things that you wouldn't have done if you decided to stick to your original plan