30 July 2010


Last night i went to see the definition of Rock n Roll of our time, mr Saudi Hudson a.k.a Slash

let's just say...if i missed the concert...i think a big part of my life is gone. It was one of the most phenomenal concert and performers i've ever seen.

Me, Pac, Jackie Chan and Pui arrived at Asia Expo at around 6:20 and we thought we were too early. we first saw a bunch of non rock and goody goody looking teenagers, sitting around in circle, yet in a line doing random things. so we thought they must be there fore the dogs and cats toy show. wrong! they were actually the first group in line. Anyhow after a long wait in line, we managed to run through the rest of the crowd and scored ourselves a fairly front spot, i'd say about 4-5 ppl from the very front, and as we all know Slash likes to stay on the left side of the vocal, we ran to the right hand side of the stage.

Around 8:20, a local band call...something...opened up and let's just say...they made us want to see Slash alot more. they weren't bad, pretty solid playing, just...too old school and boring for our liking. Then after those old uncle finished (did i mention they are well into their 30s and 40s?), the stage crew began to pack up and we began to prepare ourselves with a little..*Puff*. it's a new thing call K2 which smells nothing like *Puff* and WOW! yup.

and finally, Slash, Myles Kennedy, and..the rest of the band (forgot their name but they are mean as fuck musicians!) jumped in through the opening of Ghost and the rest of the night is history in my book!


Apart from Slash, Myles is an amazing vocal, his pitch is spot on and he is funny, handsome, cool and in general a very great performer. I wouldn't compare him to Axl, but if he is to sing for Velvet Revolver i think it would be great match. (don't i sound gay?)

ps: there were these group of French that think they can fuck around in a concert just cause they are white. while i was being polite to the lady and wouldnt push them too much, they crossed the line when they want to push me away. So when slashed played Sweet Child o Mine, as the whole crowd went crazy, i did a huge hand - horizontal - flare type of spin, aiming my elbow at the frech guy, but sadly hit the lady, opps. she was pretty much knocked sideway but i didn't feel too guilty or bad. and i still dont lol

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