08 July 2010


i am not open enough to send my secrets to postsecrets, because i think people who post there really have no other ways to express their secrets. but i do feel relief to know that there is a place for people, if needed, to find a place to dump their deepest emotion, which is the biggest lie that they can never tell their friends and families.

although i won't post it to post secrets...this is my blog, i do want to dump something here.

thank you and message not know and i its also hide what i be the one still you any other man that love the most i will always there isn't one, we only have a lbecause, which i did not remember even if you say if you remember that you can't feel i tbelieve that i don't want yo you have always u can't deny  existence "love". , , . it for noticing, . i did  how to respond last together day ur anniversary whatever's there hurts, alot o, date, but cannot. i wonder think i can really want to more than who say so.  ,  , cause i don't  say. so i will say it here, been, and always will be, the one and i believe tha'ts what people i think of the most, call to remember,   night?  xxxxxxx....xxxx x

it's too much for me to put everything here, so i unjumbled them to create a tiny bit if privacy, if you can re-write it out, please tell me~

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