28 March 2010


My favourite colour is "Pink"
as a guy, i have always been questioned and judged for having pink belongings, mostly, from my own father. I have multiple pink shirts, pink bike grips, pedal toe cage and i am gonna paint my bike pink sooner or later, and the love of my life is a 23 yrs old pillow, which was a candy pink when she was young, but she has aged and turned kinda orangey. But as a guy it's always harder to have pink belongings such as wallet and phones and etc, so my pink collection rather small.

i forgot when did i first got hooked on by this beautiful colour, but i think it's this Zoo York cap that i bought in year 8 in general pants, i still remember it was $50 bucks, and for a yr 8, it was fucking expensive, but i had to have it!


this cap was purchased BEFORE Pharrell made trucker hat the hottest shit around and i was pretty much the only guy that i know has one, and the staff at GP told me it's the only one in Australia! It's out of shape and doesn't fit anymore, but i just can't let it go.

then after a few years, my love for pink moved onto Converse, another love of my life.


as you can see, it's been trashed pretty badly and i mainly just wear it for work/fishing/bike riding and similar activity, but i think i will get another pair eventually.

but i am not gonna let my shoe collection lack a pair of active pink shoe in rotation, so here comes a new member: Nike Cortez Fly Motion


i was gonna buy it when it first came out but back then i was kinda broke. second time i saw it it was in the nike outlet, but i have not seen it in the shop at all, so how did it get there? i have no clue. I didn't buy it either the second time because my aunty from canada was around and i didn't want to buy anything under that situation. and the third time, it's $90 with 30% off making it $65, what more can i say?

this is end of march and i have bought three pair of shoes already in 2010, i wonder how many all up this year?

my wording in this post is rather ridiculously screwed up, i think lack of sleep really is the enemy of intelligence.

18 March 2010

21st Century Shopping Trolley

Lately, for the first time since i started working at this place last year i realise i do indeed work in some hi-tek industry. check out our Colezie Trolley 0001.vaiio work station!


as you can see we mounted a portable pc computer on to a Cxles Trolley, and secured with some indestructible lock system: a seat belt.


in order to cover up the origin of the trolley, we decorated with some bubble wrap, also for increased comfort.

ladies and gentlemen, 21st century hi-tek work station

ok real talk, i think i should not work under some dude who thinks using a 1.5k laptop and a coles trolley to pick our stock anymore. The reason for such invention was because:
1.this laptop was a return with minor fault and therefore my boss fucked around with it for a while and left it on his desk.
2. apparently by using a laptop instead of printing out picking list is economical and environmentally friendly.

but he could've sell/give it to us for a cheap price or for free, use a MUCH cheaper laptop and...it takes a lot of picking list to match 1.5k boss

15 March 2010

Amateur Otaku

09/03 was the release date for Final Fantasy XII english. and also the day many of us began our hermit life. not much needs to be said, it's a simple classic game nonetheless!


10 March 2010

Pirelli 2010

dear god,

if you can transform me/enlighten me/surgically change me into Terry Richardson, or simply turn back time a few months and let me be a tea boy at the Pirelli Calendar 2010 shoot, i will sacrifice my soul and my blood for you, and thou shall be scared of Satan no more as thy shall protect thee.

seriously, before the whole Terry Richardson thing blew up, I have been following him since early 2000 when I have discovered VICE. Then the world entered the Point and Shoot era and he quickly scored a spot amongst the top photographer because he was renown for his raw and erotic photos. YES he was quite a controversy because he was always included in the picture naked and YES his photos are somewhat inspiring and fun and YES he stuck to his yashica T4 without jumping on the bandwagon using leica and other digital DSLR (atleast he is still famous for his T4 as i type) and YES i really want his book Terry's World and still haven't got it.BUT! at this point in my life, I declare I hate him because:

1. he was appointed to shoot the Pirelli 2010 Calendar
2. the model consists of: Eniko Mihalik, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Catherine McNeil, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Daisy Lowe, Gracie Carvalho, Marloes Horst, Lily Cole, Ana Beatriz Barros, Miranda Kerr, and Georgina Stojiljkovic, thats all
3. they were naked, full on naked
4. tht shit cost about $500 on ebay
5. obviously i don't have one

The Making of the 2010 Pirelli Calendar by Terry Richardson from Rafael Rubira fashion4fun.com.br on Vimeo.

life is unfair

07 March 2010


my favourite shoe of late, Vans Era Suicidal Tendencies Edition



I mentioned before that i am about to receive a gift but not particularly for any reason. i was gonna name it "Electric" but somehow the name was rejected. and now, let me introduce my newest mistress:
Fender "Bunny" Stratocaster 
This guitar is given to me by my brother KUMO, cause she thinks it's better off in my hand rather than sleeping in her bedroom with occasional love~

another shot of the headstock

Anyway, this is a Made in Japan Strat, born around 2004-2005 and its got a hendrix white body. 
the reason she was gonna be names Electric was because of hendrix's Electric Lady Land, but my sister somehow suggested Bunny and i really like it. 
I adopted the idea of naming instrument from Deena, and i will post the whole family soon!


After a long long summer holiday, my latest hobby and $$$ consumption has finally received the last part and i have finished the long haul. my fixie bike is 100% completed!


off course there are other things i can/want to change, but for now, i am very satisfied, atleast i can stop feeding it $$$ on a weekly basis.

So far, i can do some amateur skid, some failing wheelie and kiddie bunny hop. And with the new toe cap, i can barely skid at all! but then i belive in practice makes mediocre and i blame it on the fucking constant rain for stopping me go riding.

ps: while i was trying out my new pinkish purple grip today, i realise the grip is not dried entirely and while i was trying to skid, the whole thing got pulled out and i landed with my head. i haven't stacked this bad since primary school...i think i have mild concussion going on...no joke.