14 January 2011

My Flooded Town

It's no news that Brisbane, the city that I grew up in is now half covered in water. But right now i am safe and dry in Hong Kong while most of of my friends and love ones are suffering from empty supermarkets, isolated streets, some lost their house and most prized possession and hopefully, no more deaths and missing will be discovered.

flooded stadium, turning it into a swimming pool?

one of the busiest street of Brisbane...?

but this is when we all gather up and form a big circle, helping each other out, what a great bloke!

this is where my favourite bike shop is located, i think i need to start canoeing instead of biking

it is very important to keep a smile on your face during the bad times


however, for the Rice family, there won't be any smile on their faces. 13 year old Jordan Rice, who sacrificed his life to ensure his little brother Blake (10 yrs old) to be saved first, is not the only victim of this heartbreaking tragedy. And as the article says, no one will wear a black armband for him, but he is a true hero, a champion of all champions, and a man above all man.
 R.I.P  Young Jordan Rice

ps: as with any other natural disasters, there goes charity, funds and donations. I never imagined my home town to go through such disaster, but please, any help is much appreciated. 

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