24 January 2011

Butao Ramen 豚王

After going home at 2:30am the night before, i woke up at 9:30am and headed out with Jerry around 10:15 to meet Ondy and Queenie at Central Station. why?
just because we want a taste of the hottest ramen in town, Butao 豚王.


now you might think breakfast is too heavy, yeh i think so too. but since this top shit ramen is limited to 200 bowls a day and once it's gone, it's gone. therefore, in order to have a taste of it, people (including us) line up before the shop opens at 11 and patiently wait while our stomach is slowly digesting our intestine.

there are roughly 40 people behind us after 15 minutes of lining up, and that's around 11:05, by that time we around the 70th customer of the day.

from 11:05...we kept lining up till 12:15......and finally we were seated.
you get to squash your own garlic and other random sauce and sesame etc etc etc

while we were waiting for our ramen to come...i tasted something else...a mixture of success and...foolishness...thats the rest of the 100 odd people waiting for ramen.

finally, my Butao Ramen 赤王 (spicy red miso flavor)

and my comment about the ramen?
it is a decent bowl of ramen, the broth is thick and hot, the noodle is thin and chewy and the pork was definitely delicious. would i line up again? most probably, but not in a short while, and definitely NOT during winter!!
 (on top of the standard ramen, we also added another noodle for $10, extra shallot for $5 and extra pork for $10, just because we waited for so long...as a result, we were too full to even finish our coke)

for more information and proper photos (not my shitty iphone quality ones), you can check out CNNgo.

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