22 January 2011

Because of Love

lately this song has been on repeat and repeat, not only because it's a really nice song, but the whole concept. this is the theme song for a movie "將愛情進行到底" which is film by the same crew that shot the drama with the same name "將愛情進行到底" 12 years ago.

kinda like "Before Sunrise" and "Before Sunrise", it gives the audience a feeling that they grew up with the character and this song, just calmly, gently pieces all the memories and pictures together.

it's such a simple song, even if this song is done by one guitar only, with Eason Chen 陳奕迅 and Faye Wong 王菲's voice, i think this is a master piece. one day i will write a song just as touching and powerful, yet breaking everything to the simplest....

enjoy, because of love, 因為愛情

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Bambi said...

Eason's voice reminds me of Ewan Macgregor