09 March 2011

life in Melburn

so! it's been 2 full weeks that i have been living in melbourne and things are looking better and better~
i crashed at Carmen's for my first two weeks and met her wonderful housemates(wonderful because they cooked for me, drove me to some places, offered many many electronics and furniture (but i didnt end up taking any lol), and gave me a good foundation of what melbourne is like.
and why isn't carmen doing that? cause she went off to japan after two days of my arrival and not coming back for 3 weeks, great friend.

during my first week there i was busy with house hunting and knowing my ways around melboure~
met up with Deena to get my student ID and had some cheapo dumplings (they were good tho) in this ghetto alleyway~and she also introduced me to Chris, which later on took me to a house inspection and let me chilled at his place bcoz i have nowhere to go and no home to return lol (for the first 30 seconds me and Deena returned to our pre-hk trip awkward no huggy greetings, but i think we overcome that ;))

house hunting was a bitch, but i ended up finding a SO FAR reasonable student housing in Prahran, about 5 min walk from carmen's place and 30 seconds from train or tram~

Uni has been pretty good, made some new friends from all over the world, and FINALLY met one person that speaks cantonese lol and the class seems much more interesting than what i'm used to (maybe it's the new environment) so hopefully this will give my masters degree a handsome report card at the end.

and right now, i am in my own apartment, typing on the floor because i have no router and the lan cable is not long enough, but i can officially say that i have settled down to a livable standard in melbourne, and i am happy.

really glad i made this decision to come!