24 March 2011


I haven't been really up to date with what's going on in Japan, not because i don't care, but because i care too much about my favourite country (apart from Hong Kong and Australia, of course). Call me pussy but i am actually scared to know what IS going to happen to this beautiful country. I was once 100% determined, and still am to go to Japan one day to refine my Japanese and be fluent in my best subject, ever. but with the state of the country, i don't know when can i fulfill this dream. I have always believe that the world is on its own track and everything is bound to happen for a reason, but i still hope the people at Japan can overcome this nightmare, and only to grow stronger and better.

i found this picture from Flwrider, and it's a before and after picture of Tokyo, one of the most technologically advanced, beautiful and highest population density city, in the world.

after the earthquake in New Zealand, Flooding in my home town Brisbane, and many many more natural disasters, I have even more faith that something is going to happen in 2012, be it the end of the world or not.

with all these disasters happening, it's really hard to believe that the world is not coming closer, but missiles are still fired between countries, best wishes to the innocents over at Libya too.

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