08 January 2010

Shoes and Purchase

Finding a pair of shoes is very difficult. Off course, there are options like chucks and vans and stan smiths which can take you anywhere, but there are just times (or alot of times) you just want to put on something more classy, luxurious and make your feet happy. After all, they take you everywhere, right?
When it comes to luxurious and classy in mens' shoes, there is a name that stands out from the crowd floating on the the internet: Mr. Hare from the UK. Mr Hare himself has a very clear image in mind when he started the company in 2008, to make some quality mens shoes that can take you everywhere, but looking like a real gentlemen. Only after 2 collection, Mr. Hare has captured the internet, and my heart. I simply wants every single pair of shoes that he has designed (except the boots...they don't do it for me...).

Spring/Summer 2010: Hot Steppers

Autumn/Winter 2009: Purest Form

just by looking at the styling shots and i'm in love...

amongst the collections, Mr.Wolfe, Mr. Orwell, Mr. Fitzgerald from 2009, Fela, Capote, King Tubby and Jerry Lee of 2010 collection are my favourite (not too many right?)

yet reality check:
1. they don't stock them anywhere in Australia, let alone Brisbane
2. they are way too expensive for me, especially when it'll be too overdress most of the time if i wear it in Brisbane.
so i guess they can wait until i move to Melbourne, or Japan, or back to HK. Either way i would buy a pair for myself.

SO! that does not mean i cannot treat myself with a little gift despite the fact i am at the edge of bankruptcy.

What's better to spot nearly 50% off and it's something you'd had your eyes on and it's in your size? not much~

Vanishing Elephance Suede Desert Boot from 2009 collection

only $150AU, i couldn't let it pass...first purchase of 2010.

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Bambi said...

AND I LIKE!! Did you get it in black!?