24 January 2010

Band Name

Believe it or not, i am in a band. Despite how good we are, i think we are a pretty awesome team of trio+1. We are temporarily call the 3:43 from the early period and after 4.X years...we are still using this name. Not that we need a name to do any publishing or anything, but having a meaningful name for everyone in the band should be a mission. Especially before our lovely vocal moves to Melbourne next month. SO! so far, the names we have come up are:

1. The Living Room - cause we play in the living room, but too much like copying the living end
2. Our Duvet - Deena and Josh thought of it, didn't really click with me at the start, and still doesn't really...sorry guys...
3. the surname of the trio - Lynch + Man + So = Lynmanso, Malynso, Mansolyn, Somanlyn, Solyman
4. the first name of the trio - Deena + Josh + Quinton = Deejoquin, Jodeequin, Quindeejo....

we...have approximately a month to think of a name...any suggestions?


Euphausia said...

If I'm the only one who knows of your blog, are you praying for some angel to come down and leave a suggestion?

Or maybe Buzz Lightyear

chocoloby said...

Rachel bumped into my blog and left a comment...so eventually more ppl will find it too?

an Angelic Buzz Lightyear hamster did ask me about my shoe black chukka boots though~